Sunday, June 24, 2018

Trump: Border jumpers out “with no court cases or judges”

Maxine Waters orders more harassment of Trump admin officials.  Shades of the Hitler’s SA where thugs intimidated political opponents. 

Homeland Security employees warned of increased threats amid immigration uproar.

Restaurant owner who booted Sarah Sanders explains she did so after consulting staff, menu hacked. 

Yelp page bombarded!

ICE offices under attack around nation.

Jesse Lee Peterson: Democrats don’t care about American or illegal’s children.

SCOTUS poised to rule on Trump travel ban, Union dues, CA abortion postings in pregnancy centers.

Marijuana addiction is real and rising!

Uninformed Christians being suckered into supporting Marijuana.  They are sold into thinking it helps people.  They don’t research the harms.

Dems party hard on Martha’s Vineyard.  Mark Warner jokes about Mueller leaks.

Watch: Glenn Beck walks off CNN after question on Blaze layoffs.

Victor Davis Hanson: On the fate of the West, Trump, and the resistance.

Williamson: Venezuela’s future, and ours.

What Tocqueville can teach us about the Mueller investigation.

D-Day for Great American hero at center of Trump-FBI storm.

Farah: Trump Derangement Syndrome crosses criminal line.

Hunter: Liberals are pushing the country to the edge.

McCullough: Dear America, the left has declared WAR on you.

Jacob: Freedom’s essential hierarchy.

Feldman: Kidtrina

Spero: Many preaching morality are acting unethically.

Lifson: Who is the liberal news conductor?

Showalter: The bawl of the left.

Forrest and Rayne: Combined military expenditures of Russia and China now exceed America’s.

Buried in IG report, shocking revelations about Clinton emails found on Weiner’s laptop.

Hank Aaron on WH invitation: There is no one there I want to see.

9 times MS-13 posed as kids to enter America illegally.

Detained migrants promised reunification with kids when deported.

Erdogan wins.

The strategic blunder of Trump as Hitler.

U.S. imported more seafood in 2017, than any other year.

Virginia Lawmakers Rebuke Anti-Trump Restaurant Owner for Tossing Sarah Sanders out: Please Come Back

Gutierrez: Trump uses cruel and inhumane policies to gin up his base.

Flake: Trump too mean on immigration.

Simpson: Illegal aliens, your tax dollars at work.

Benham Brothers: America is a Christian nation?

Sex dancer hired to teach high school kids.

Democrat congressman: Taxpayers should subsidize the cost of congressional housing.

Americans bought more guns in the last 2 months than our military owns, and we bought more guns in 2017 than all the police forces in the world did, combined.

Bialosky: the FBI needs to be turned on it’s head.

Saunders: Separation Anxiety.

Margolis: The owners of the Red Hen in Virginia are the real bigots.

Heroic and inspiring stories about the Greatest Generation.

Gemma: Immigration and the Democrats.

DeAngelis: Red Hen bigotry or “moral conviction”?

James Comey: American Ozymandias.

Kuligowski: Illegal invaders place children in harms way.

Griffin: Whose child is crying?

Facing humiliation: Mueller backs away from prosecution of Russian entities.

Kay: Descriptions of evil, and their misuse.


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