Addressing the fraudulent meeting against heat, in front of the Sacramento city hall, before the city Council meeting, on May 30, 2023

This addresses the fraudulent meeting of the Jewish Federation of Sacramento, a homosexual community group, and a few other community groups. This is a giant farce.

You say you are for love, and you are against hate. Yet, you are massive hypocrites because you do not speak against radical communist groups whose young members stand for sexual depravity, And who terrorize other speakers weekly. Members of the communist group followed members of the audience out to their cars, challenged them to fights, they physically attacked those of us who attended the last meeting in front of the police. The deceitful Sacramento City Council Deleted nearly an hour of the meeting to try to hide the despicable behavior of their radical activists.

You are the same group that Jesus was rebuking in Matthew 23; he called them blind scribes, and that’s precisely what this group is. You are evil, wicked, a disgrace, and a shame to Sacramento, California, and America.

Although you are evil, I do not support violence, vulgarity, racial slurs, or obscenity toward you. Your side uses those filthy tactics; our side will not do that. We have God on our side; we will not stoop down to the hell where you live. Also, let me be very clear, I am not associated with Proud Boys, I am not a Nazi, I do not support any authoritarian government, and I support the rights of all people, races, and all religions. I have been viciously lied about, slandered, and libeled by the Jewish media.

We pray to God that he will deliver Sacramento from your wicked ways as fast as possible. We pray that he would open your blinded and corrupt eyes so that you can see the truth, and if you refuse to know the truth, we pray that you are neutralized, where you can no longer harm yourself and the city.

It is amazing that 2000 years ago, Jesus denounced the moneychangers in the temple, and they would have been Jews, and three days later, he was crucified because a mob had been stirred up against him.

And here we are, in America, where we have the first amendment because our founders did not want an American to be killed for telling the truth like Socrates and Jesus were. Yet, the same tactics are used; mobs are whipped up against those who denounce legitimate Jewish wrongdoing.

All of your groups need to study the first amendment and stop actively trying to attack the God-given rights of your fellow Americans, which is pretty hateful conduct. There is nothing loving about shutting down and silencing those who are telling the truth. No religion, no individual, and no behavior is above criticism in America. If you believe there are, you need to move to China; you do not fit in well here.

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