According to Sarah Green Carmichael, Women Shouldn’t Do Anymore Housework This Year.

“Women spend 47 minutes more on housework on average than men each day, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That adds up to roughly 5 ½ hours each week, and that’s not including childcare, grocery shopping or errands, which the BLS classifies in other categories and of which women also do far more.

“The gender gap in housework persists regardless of a couple’s other commitments. Among dual-career couples, women do more housework – even when they earn more money than their partners. Among retirees, women do more housework. Among non-employed men and women of prime working age, men spend the lion’s share of their waking hours watching TV. Women spend it on housework.

“The result is that in almost every coupled household, women do more and have less time to recover. Women consistently report higher rates not only of burnout, but also of stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia.”

The solution: Have men do more housework or have women simply stop doing housework for the rest of the year. All of this has caused incredible pain for marriages. The fight is on for who makes more money. Whose job is more valuable. Who does what chores at home. Women expecting men to help with household chores. Arguments and strife ensue stealing marriages and peace in the homes. Feminism has destroyed the family unit and has only caused destruction in its path.

What are God’s solutions? It’s so incredibly simple. Women are to be the keepers at home. We weren’t created for the workforce nor for the stress that entails as our own government has reported. We were created for the home. We were created to bear and raise our own children. Our emotional and physical nature are for these important jobs. Men, with their high testosterone and muscle mass, were created for the workforce, the competition, and the stress that goes along with it. They want to come home after a hard day at work and relax. Their instinct simply isn’t to do housework. No matter how hard our culture pushes the feminist agenda, it simply isn’t compatible with God’s created design for us.

Go home, women. Work hard in your home. Make your homes a place of peace and beauty. Don’t put demands upon your husband. Be thankful he works hard to provide for you and your children. Make his life as easy as possible. Remember, God created YOU to be his help meet suitable for him. Be a godly, submissive help meet for him. Stop arguing and learn to be at peace with him. Love him; for love covers over a multitude of sins!

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
1 Timothy 5:14


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