“Scripture portrays the ideal woman as a keeper of the home who is subject to her own husband, not a career woman whose family takes second place” (John MacArthur).

“The architects of the New World Order don’t want you to have a big family. They determined that the best way to accomplish this is to encourage and help women secure loans to go to college and entice them to pursue a career. Make women judges, police, and give them government jobs. Get them in the military. This will make it next to impossible to have a family. Instead of implementing a one-child policy in the U.S. like Communist red China today, our nation’s secret powers operating behind the curtain in Washington D.C. are using the love of money to downsize families.” (David Stewart)

“In 1950, 88 percent of women with children under six stayed home. Today, over 70 percent of women with children under six are in the workforce. Households cannot be healthy when women aren’t investing there.” (Eric Conn)

“The world would be better if everyone got married young and spent their lives focused on raising children, building legacies, finding meaning…instead of wasting their time dating and with casual sex” (@AplacaAurelius on Instagram).

“How does employment affect women’s health? Levels of stress-related illness are nearly twice as high for women compared to men. Job stress has been linked with heart disease, muscle-bone disorders, depression, and burnout.” (cdc.gov)

“The more educated a woman is, the later she will marry and have children. She will have a hard time finding a husband, a hard time giving him what he deserves and staying with him. She will be dissatisfied and take the wrong path, and ultimately fail in everything.” (@AerthoPhoriz on Instagram)

“Mary was not a CEO of a Fortune 500 company; she was a mom. Not only was she saved in childbearing, her baby saved the world. Such is the great honor given to you to bear and raise children, and you alone, ladies. So reach for the stars; make the world fit for living by turning houses into homes.” (@NoJesuitTricks on Instagram)

I don’t celebrate “women’s accomplishments” unless they align with Scripture. Married and committed for life. Raising godly offspring. Homemaker. Loving and serving others. Generous. Kind. Forgiving. Honest. All earthy accomplishments will perish. Store your treasures in heaven, women, by loving and serving the family that the Lord has given to you. If you are single or barren, please read this post.

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.
Psalm 113:9