Arrested at Straight Pride Parade in Modesto. Violent and aggressive homosexual activists spread violence and mayhem.

Was arrested at the Straight Pride parade, in Modesto, CA, because homosexuals threw Molotov cocktails before it even began, police declared it an unlawful assembly, and began arresting everyone on both sides.

Spent 11 hours in protective custody, as I really don’t trust the general population, and got out at 11 last night. They even paid the $100 bail, and I have a court date in December.

This is a total violation of First Amendment rights, and is a common tactic used by Communists. Simply use force and violence, the police declare it an “unlawful assembly” and we have no free speech rights if mobs show up to oppose us with anarchy.

Here is the article in the ((((Modesto Bee)))) written by ((((Adam Echelman)))).

Was arrested with 2 protesters for “homosexual rights”. As usual they were provided with ((((lawyers)))) from ((((equality legal services)))).

You can see the Communist tactics at work in the video. “Solidarity with the LGBTQ community” read the signs of the unwitting dupes of Talmudic Jew bankers latest attempts to subvert the nation with their NWO order totalitarianism.