“Murder by injection”. Book showing how vaccines have always been about population control.

“Murder by Injection”

Fabulous book by Eustace Mullins, a Christian, in 1988, showing how vaccines have always been about depopulation.


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One Reply to ““Murder by injection”. Book showing how vaccines have always been about population control.”

  1. Prepare yourself for a mad detachment from reality as Mullins vilifies modern medicine, doctors, and medical science. By Chapter 4 the reader is required to leave reason and logic at the door as he refutes the entire biological science of immunology starting with the smallpox vaccination by Edward Jenner. His expertise in medical science is paled only by rife fallacies in logic, misquotes, misinterpretations, and elaborate name calling. Mullins can’t legitimately reference any of his arguments or facts, because his “original thought” is contrary to medical facts and knowledge. Peer reviewed journals of medical science were never researched for this book or perhaps not understood for lack of expertise. Any evidence against his claims is never considered, which should alert the reader to its one-sided agenda to persuade in fear mongering, fire and brimstone fashion. He’ll be so bold as to claim that smallpox increased as a result of vaccination, and that it eradicated itself: “In fact smallpox was already on the wane, and some authorities believe it would have vanished by the end of the 20th century, due to a number of contributing factors.” At this point in the book, he expects that the reader will be so inflamed that they will have no need to know who those authorities were, or what the contributing factors were when their logic and reason are shunted with outrage. Thus, hearsay arguments without reference become the bulk of the writing. Many of his arguments are comical in their absurdity.

    The best audience for this book is those filled with fear from all the health fearmongering of the present and who would like their fears “confirmed” by doing “literary research,” those who are filled with hate in response to the health scares and need a convenient villain as an outlet, and, finally, those who entertain conspiracies over reality and a library of scientific data.

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