America is facing another Jewish Communist Revolution

America is in the middle of another Jewish Communist Revolution.

They did it with the French Revolution, they did it with the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, they did it with the Cultural Revolution in China after they installed their pawn Mao in 1948, they’ve done it in dozens of nations on earth.

America is the last stage. If we fall, the whole world falls.

This time they are using their Antifa foot soldiers, and their control of the media, schools, and corporations, while pushing gender equality, and using sexual degenerates like homosexuals and transgenders, as well as using non-white communities, as their victim groups, to help them overthrow the white majority in America. If that works out, they will exterminate the non-white useful idiots as soon as they are done with whites.

We either stand together, or hang separately.

The greatest antidote, the one that strikes terror into Jewish communists, is Christianity.