Letter I received from a woman in Ukraine.

Fascinating, was talking to V***** in Ukraine two months ago, and she gave me an update. Not saying her name because I don’t want her to get hurt. Notice how the Jew media easily manipulates women with scary stories of atrocities to Ukrainians. The Jews know you target women and weak men with disinformation.

Of the four women I talked to in Ukraine, all of them immediately believed Putin was a monster, and not one of them know anything about the Jewish influence in Ukraine, that their president, prime minister, and mayor of the capital are all Jews.

“Ryan, wishing you much love and happiness. I have to say a lot about this war.

Ryan, tnak you so much for ypur open and fair letter. I want to congratulate you with your wedding that is coming soon. Much love and happiness to you and your future wife! Jewish are not killing me here. Russian fashists do it.
I’m sory I couldn’t talk to you earlier, because of this horrible war. I think I became older for ten years during these days now. I have so much to say…I just don’t know how to start and from what. I didn’t have an access to the internet, had problems with ellectricity and then I was on the road, I couldn’t text.
Now I’m safe. My relatives are in Kyiv. It’s a miracle that we could go from that hell. It’s a true miracle. Russians are the most cruel people in the world, they are not people, they are animals. Fashists. Even Hitler’s soldiers were not as cruel as they are. They are bombing everywhere, killing chiidren, raping women, kkilling people on the road in their cars. My mother ost many friends in Kharkiv. People in Mariupol are still in siege. Thousands of people are dying every day. There are several cities in Ukraine that do not exist anymore. I cannnot describe that horror and despair I experienced. Please, cross finggers for Ukraine. V*****

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