Universities are Communist Gulags — What Should Unvaxxed Students Do?

(Harry Wade, a 22-year-old engineering student at the so-called University of Western Ontario was arrested and expelled for refusing to be genetically modified.)

Recently I received this email from a student, “M”:

Henry, would you be able to give some suggestions, from yourself, or your well informed readers, as to what the college-aged students, barred from studies due to non compliance to the jab requirements, can do to pursue their education?  This is a huge issue that needs to be brought to light and discussed.  Thank you!

My immediate reaction is this is a blessing in disguise. We need to abandon the higher education scam which is as bad as medicine and acquire self taught skills via the internet etc. Market yourself on basis of skills and not certificates from scoundrels

Reply: I cannot get into specifics, but the simple fact that has not been given full attention is that this precious group of young people who have not been corrupted, mentally and physically, and who refuse to be compliant, have been barred from higher education, including trade schools and community colleges.  Two clear examples are Harry Wade of UWO and Anneka Wilson of UBC.  There are many others who are not in the public view.  We are fully aware of the severe problems in the educational system, from kindergarten all the way up.  But to pursue higher education,  for example, in the area of science or engineering, that requires labs and/or other hands-on experiences, is very difficult if not impossible.  

I welcome any advice readers might have for M.  My reaction is that people have to rethink their path in life in light of the covid hoax which is really a Communist takeover in disguise. This takeover is comparable to the Nazi and Soviet invasions of Poland in 1939, or the Nazi invasion of Western Europe in 1940. Basically, people need to adopt an underground or resistance mentality and find new ways of earning a livelihood. This may require sharing accommodations with like-minded people and living frugally.  Under no circumstances should they risk getting a “vaccine” and having their health ruined. The nefarious hidden agenda behind the mandatory vaccines will become apparent. It seems to involve depopulation and giving everyone a bar code that will be required to engage in social life and commercial transactions. This subterfuge is bound to fail and everyone involved with be discredited and punished.    

Send your advice to hmakow@gmail.com

 Unvaccinated, expelled: Ousted Western University student speaks out

by Calvi Leon  • Nov 19, 2021  •  
A Western University student says he’s been expelled from campus after being removed from class three separate times for refusing to comply with the school’s COVID-19 vaccination rules.

At this point, I’ve made my statement and I don’t think I would ever trust another academic institution to protect my rights until someone acknowledges the wrongdoing that’s been done.”

Two of Wade’s arrests were captured via videos widely circulated online – one showing him being removed in handcuffs by campus police, the other displaying officers carrying him out of class by his hands and legs.

The 22-year-old, who is unvaccinated, said he was advised not to trespass on school grounds – his first warning on Oct. 13 – multiple times before being arrested three times between Nov. 11 and this past Monday, Nov. 15. The arrests came just days after he stopped wearing a mask to class, he said.

Western University officials would not comment on the details of the situation or the student in the videos but did say the university has policies for students who do not comply with its vaccine requirements.

“While we can’t speak to individual cases due to privacy legislation, we can say that individuals who violate Western’s vaccination policy may be removed from campus, and may face other discipline,” a spokesperson, Crystal Mackay, said in a statement Friday.

“The university takes an incremental approach to responding to individuals who are non-compliant.”

Western, which has a vaccination rate of 99 per cent, was among the first post-secondary schools in Ontario to require full COVID vaccinations for anyone, student or staff, to access campus. Mackay said students who are “non-compliant” with the policy were given several chances to show proof of vaccination.

Medical experts overwhelmingly agree that the available vaccines are safe and effective at slowing the spread of COVID-19 and lessening the health risks for fully vaccinated people who do contract the virus.

Prior to his expulsion, Harry Wade was a second year engineering student at the University of Western in London, Ontario.

His classroom arrest(s) went viral in November when he was barred from the institution that he pays to attend for his questioning of mandates that are questionably justified.

Having been cuffed and later dragged out of his classroom by special constables doing the dirty work of the COVID regime, Harry now faces criminal charges for taking a moral stand against the indiscriminate vaccination and mask mandate policies at his former place of learning.

In this interview we share exclusive footage of Harry’s fourth arrest, the one that finds him charged criminally. Harry shares why he could not be seen as being complicit in his arrest and demanded to either be carried or handcuffed when being placed under formal arrest.

I get his perspective on why he believes students sat idly by and watched him be frog marched out of class and, later, off of campus. We discuss how students are too scared to voice opinions that may go against the mainstream narrative for fear of institutional reprimand and being graded poorly.

In the end, Harry is left wondering if the crown will make an example out of him or dismiss the questionably justified charge?

A former Western University student, suspended from campus for not complying with its COVID-19 vaccine requirement, is now charged following a fourth arrest on campus, his lawyer says.

Harry Wade, 22, is charged with criminal mischief in addition to three earlier trespassing tickets, Toronto lawyer Pina Di Biase said Friday.

“I didn’t go to class. I was just on campus in an open forum outside just trying to get some of the student opinions,” Wade said of his latest arrest Dec 2, after he and a group of people went to interview students about their thoughts on the situation.

“I was trying to capture and circulate for the public to know that it’s not just one attitude or opinion about my story . . . But within 20 minutes, I was arrested on the spot.”

Wade, who’s unvaccinated, was expelled from Western last month after being arrested three times following multiple trespassing warnings from the university.

“They’re going to be fought vigorously,” Di Biase said of the charges against her client. “He hasn’t been treated properly. His rights have been violated and there will be a vigorous fight for what’s transpired.”

A video Wade shared with The Free Press of the Dec. 2 arrest shows him being approached by two Western special constables while interviewing a person.

“You’re under arrest for criminal mischief,” one officer says to Wade on the video.

“I am not going to comply,” he replies, after the other officer tells him he needs to go with them.

The nearly two-minute video shows the officers trying to escort Wade away by his arms, but he resists and allows himself to fall to the ground.

“I am not going to comply,” he says, refusing to stand in response to one officer’s request.

Two of Wade’s previous three arrests on campus were captured in video clips shot in class and were widely circulated online.

The first arrest was made just days after Wade said he stopped wearing a mask to class, and following several warnings by the school not to trespass on campus.

Western officials wouldn’t comment about Wade on Friday, but said “the university has dealt with one individual regarding non-compliance requiring on-campus intervention.”

The school can’t discuss specific cases,  but “individuals who violate Western’s vaccination policy may be removed from campus, and may face other discipline,” spokesperson Marcia Steyaert said Friday.

“The university takes an incremental approach to responding to individuals who are non-compliant,” she wrote in an emailed statement.

Western was among Ontario’s first post-secondary schools to require anyone on campus, including all students and employees, to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, unless they have an approved human rights exemption and submit to rapid testing requirements.

So far, 30 of Western’s 37,000 students have been placed on “involuntary leave due to non-compliance” with its requirement. “These individuals have also received a notice of trespass to campus,” Steyaert said.

Since being suspended from the university last month, Wade said he’s kept busy giving talks, receiving endorsements and learning entrepreneurial skills.

“There’s a lot of other people in the same shoes as me. They’re going to face these kind same kinds of uphill battles. A lot of people can choose to run and avoid this issue, or they can confront (it),” he said.


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