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Letter from JR – “Equality” is the End Game 

If Rothschild were really concerned about equality, he would be giving away his money rather than taking ours.“Equality” is code for depopulation, dispossession and enslavement. As he explained, everyone must be the same. “Everyone must do the same. In all communist nations we have fostered, it is customary that for “equality” for the desired and planned “levelling” in this new order, in order for people to have the same in their needs and wants, everyone has to be psychologically trained to obey the same commands.” The NWO requires a material levelling for equality and a radical reduction of the population of the world.
I parse the letter to explain why I believe it is actually from Jacob Rothschild. 

by Henry Makow PhD

Only the real JR would say:

1. Truth doesn’t matter.
Cabalists (satanists) don’t believe in objective truth. They believe that thinking makes it so. The truth is whatever money says it is. Thus, they define reality according to their perverse interests and impose their demonic vision on humanity. 

He mentions “Truth” four times. 

E.g.  “Why do you waste your breath blowing so hard to reignite things with such a wind against you?” he asks. “Is it because of your high regard for what you claim is the “truth”? or

Reality doesn’t count.

“You keep asking “why?’, like a schoolboy. You think cold hard facts and reason have sway with the public when they believe their governments are caring for them, giving them money, and trying to make them safe.” Henry, it is all psychology and the media, and despite anything I say it will make no difference to the outcome.”  or”You see Henry, you proceed to attack us based on the old and outmoded method of arguing which is with facts and reasons. That is not the way things are done anymore. People generally like to pretend and generally will believe anything they see most other people believing in or else they simply do what they are led to do by the media and what we want. If someone like you goes against their interests and beliefs, they are likely to discount what you say and completely shut it out of their minds. That is what is happening to you.”
“What you are concerned about are the methods we are using to solve these problems, which you say are “totalitarian”, and “communist”. To us those are only abstract words like the words ‘truth’, ‘freedom’, and ‘justice’, and in any crisis people mainly act on emotion and not upon actual fact, critical thinking, and reason. 

You are clearly not on our level or for that matter on the same level of the overwhelming majority of people who would not be caught dead reading your postings. You are welcome to your intellectual pride and puffery, but it will make no difference. You have isolated yourself in an outmoded from of communication. Logic and fact even in science has been taken over by whomever or whatever have the controlling interest and all you’re left complaining about are our methods.

“Regardless of the substance of the actual problem, as long as the general belief is that it is a serious one, then all that matters is the solution and the cooperation with that solution. We establish the problem and we provide the solutions. It is not fact and reason which ruled the 20th century. It is the use of psychology and that is precisely why you have no real power despite your intellectual and journalistic skills. 

2. His ambivalence over the “Jews.”He seems to both distance himself from Jews and identify with them. This is because the Sabbatean Frankists (Illuminati) use Organized Jewry as their instrument and assimilated Jews as their dupes and human shields. 

He writes, “The Jewish question is a complicated one, and thanks particularly to the influence and persistence of my family, it is generally no longer considered by very many as the “Jewish problem”. 
He writes, “Many changes have have to be made in ushering in our new order. Many appointments have had to be made and they are not all Jewish as your writings suggest, although I do wish there were more and that Francis was more Jewish.”
Then he refers to Jews as both “your people” and “your kind” and implies that his family financed antisemitism, i.e the Nazis. 

“If you have moral qualms about people in power misleading the masses, especially misleading and controlling those who have rejected and persecuted your kind, that is your problem and not ours.” 
Then he talks about “our tribal solidarity” and accuses me of stoking antisemitism, 

“If there is a history of mutual exclusion with Christians and other outsiders looking down on your people as some kind of inferior species, or resenting you because of your success which you know full well is based on our tribal solidarity and ability to concentrate and consolidate wealth, power, knowledge and intelligence to dominate so much in the midst of ongoing adversity, then why do you try to reignite the fires of that problem which we in any case are able these days to extinguish as soon as we see a spark? Why do you waste your breath blowing so hard to reignite things with such a wind against you?”


If I wanted fame and fortune, I would not have become a prophet in the wilderness. My religion is to witness the truth. 

God is the fourth dimension, a Moral Order, Consciousness, in which spiritual ideals like Truth are self-evident.  

God is Perfection, the ultimate and only Reality. 

This intuition of the Moral Order was behind my game Scruples. 

He says, no one is paying attention to me. I don’t care. My role is only to bear witness. 

As for stoking antisemitism, I have done exactly the opposite by showing the conspiracy extends to non-Jewish Freemasons and Satanists in general.

3. Only Rothschild understands that we are all essentially banking with him. And that he controls everything. 

“We control the major finances of the world but also your governments, the major media networks, most jobs on the planet, and even the money in your bank accounts. These are the facts which you cannot change.”

4. His admission that COVID and climate change are shibboleths designed to justify downsizing humanity rings true.

“You are correct in your assertions that many of these problems have been exaggerated and may not even exist at this time. However, we do plan 50 to 100 years in advance and what we are more concerned about is ensuring that the things we do fear simply do not occur in the future.” 

5. This also rings true.  He doesn’t own trillions. Trillions own him.  

“We see a future world without enough to go around, and therefore we must learn first to control it and then to share what is there as we deem most advantageous to those whom we choose. That is what power is for.”

6. The burden of unlimited power also rings true. 

“When one has vast power and wealth, you tend to be in control of a great deal, a control which has to be delegated not only to protect your interests from a constant stream of lying courtiers and usurpers, but also you have to delegate that control in order to maintain and at times, to expand your interests.”

and at times, to expand your interests.”  A human touch. Even with his wealth, he wants MORE. 

7. The total lack of empathy for the suffering of others.

“We see a future world without enough to go around, and therefore we must learn first to control it and then to share what is there as we deem most advantageous to those whom we choose. That is what power is for.”
Given a chance, humans can fulfill their Divine potential. In spite of his trillions, JR is concerned there won’t be “enough to go around.” Spiritually he is in the poorhouse. 

WHY DID ROTHSCHILD WRITE THIS LETTER?Even Satanists have souls. Rothschild has a conscience which tells him he is leading humanity down the path to Hell. 

I am an irritating reminder. 

He’s looking for sympathy, understanding and support from those alert enough to understand the satanist agenda. 

We’re dealing with a psychopath and mass murderer who probably would be tried and executed if he didn’t have us all by the short hairs.
If humanity is going to be spared, Rothschild et al. would need a drastic change of heart. 

Or humanity would need to stop dancing to his tune.

——First Comment from CK-
The destruction of Truth is literally the definition of evil, as you have pointed out on your web site many times.

To these beings, everything is about controlling the mind — their own hive minds and those of all others. This is why he emphasized the psychological aspects of their reign of terror — everything is about taking over the human mind (and soul).   Capture hearts and minds and everything else follows.  He pointed out they already control the money, governments, all significant media, etc.  The only thing lacking is control over all minds (and the soul).  This is the final battle between Good and Evil.

I say “these beings” because they are not in fact humans controlling the minds of these willing Jews, Masons, Jesuits, etc. and using them for their own purposes.  They found many of the Jews to be willing hosts, same with the Masons who joined for the money and power.  It’s shocking how little it costs to buy a person (“30 shekels”).

We call them “old forces”, they saw the path of the cosmos from formation, stasis, degeneration and now complete destruction and sought a way out.  They created the three realms (Heaven, Earth and the Underworld) as a place to save themselves from the destruction and re-creation.  Instead of compassion and forgiveness, they only know destruction.  The cosmos has been through many of these cycles.  This is the final cycle.

I was told by someone I trust that only 20% of the people on Earth can be saved.  When you see the number of fools willing to trade their life for the ability to take a plane ride, go to a restaurant or attend a concert, it’s pretty shocking.  I’ll be surprised if we can reach 20%.  JR’s people have been quite successful in fooling nearly all the people, all of the time.

What the Rothschilds represent is a path to their own destruction inside the current cosmos, they are literally going down a dead end. They are limited by their own level and can only see and accept things at or below their own level. They believe themselves to be the highest level, but they are far, far from The Creator, who in fact offers true salvation.


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