Win or Lose, Dems Have Big Plans for America

By William L. Gensert

Only a victory large enough to preclude the theft of the presidency by the Democrats and their minions in the media can forestall their plans for America’s future.

The rioting, physical violence, and destruction of property estimated in the billions of dollars experienced by Americans since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Memorial Day was merely practice for the left’s coming exercise of power whether Biden wins or loses.

“It cannot happen here” has been the mantra of those blessed by God with the grace of living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Yet, aphoristically, “past is prologue” and history is replete with the ruins of civilizations whose citizens believed the same.

Democrats thought their long march through the institutions had succeeded in giving them permanent power. They were convinced when Barack Obama pulled off the unique trick of descending from the heavens to ascend to the presidency.

Academia had long become a social justice warrior training ground with the supremacy of critical theory, implicit bias training, and a cadre of professors better than 90% steeped in leftist dogma having provided an army of reliable Democrats.

During the Obama Presidency, media, always biased and comprised of reporters and editorialists politically mirroring that of academia dispensed with even the pretense of “objectivity” to become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Truth had become a matter of opinion with talking heads providing the opinions.

Intelligence bureaus, the administrative state, top military leadership, and every regulatory agency was purged of anyone not steadfastly liberal.

The left deluded themselves into believing that cradle-to-career indoctrination, deliberate media misinformation, and politically forced demographic change had finally created a permanent Democratic majority. They were “bigly” surprised when they lost more than 1.000 federal, state, and local elections. Donald Trump was the straw that broke the spavined camel’s back.

They refused to accept the condign defeat of all they worked so hard to trick or treat Americans into believing. What followed was four years of one confected attempt after another to execute a slow-motion, multipronged coup concluding with a failed impeachment on grounds so slim, had it been tried on a President Biden, it would have elicited a collective “C’mon man” from the variegated components of not only the leftist machine but the American population as well.

Fair-minded Americans are not only cognizant of the rules, but willing to obey them. Not so afflicted, the left follow rules only when winning — when they lose, the rules must change.

We saw this with redistricting, a tactic Democrats used for decades to maintain control of the House of Representatives, as well as state and local governments. When the Republicans started beating them at their own game, the process became “unfair,” “unconscionable” even.

A constitutional republic with an Electoral College system and equal representation of each state in the Senate worked fine until they decided it prevented them from ruling all 50 states from the left coast and the Acela corridor. Then, the notion of strict majority rule in all things became popular.

The courts for years were stacked by Democrats with judges willing to bypass the legislative process and enact laws from the bench. They used the filibuster prodigiously to prevent conservative judges from being seated but were outraged when it was used against Obama’s nominees. So, Harry Reid waved “Bye-Bye” to the judicial filibuster.

The seating of Amy Comey Barret as an Associate Supreme Court Justice, done strictly in adherence to the constitution, Democrats have threatened “consequences and repercussions” including eliminating the filibuster in all things, admitting new states to guarantee more Democrat Senators and Representatives, and a new “balanced” Supreme Court — at whatever number of justices necessary to ensure a liberal majority.

The result is an election that only a Trump landslide can prevent the left from stealing using what Biden called in a Freudian slip, the “most extensive voter fraud organization” in history. Nothing short of overwhelming electoral triumph for Trump will stymie their machinations.

The Democrats already have a plan in place to flood the streets with “mostly peaceful” riots before, during, and after November 3. A Trump landslide will open Americans’ eyes to the left’s usurpation of the nation and perhaps provoke action.

To expedite post-election thievery, riots will again become endemic. Every judge that might rule against the Democrats’ lawfare efforts to steal the presidency will be doxed and confronted. Their families will be terrorized in their homes. Special care will be taken to threaten members of the Supreme Court.

Leftist agents will confront congressmen and senators at their homes, offices, and out in public with their families. If need be, they will block them from returning to Washington D.C. and resuming the functions of government. The same will be done to governors and mayors, lest they try to use the National Guard to regain control.

Cabinet members, military leaders, and their families will also be doxed and intimidated.

All these tools will continue to be used by a Biden Administration to implement their Green New Deal agenda, killing the oil industry, gun confiscation, raising taxes, open borders, and citizenship and Medicare for all.

To have a chance of preventing this, Trump must win reelection by a margin so huge it will be impossible to steal in the courts or on the streets.

A landslide will prompt outraged citizens to fight back and confront the left’s revolution in the cities and towns during the days, weeks, and months after the election. To paraphrase the Declaration of Independence, in the course of these events, good people of our free and independent states have the full power and the right to rise up and prevent the left’s attempt to steal our country.

Trump must win by epic proportions so that this rebellion may be defeated.

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Image: Pikrepo

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