10 Major DC lies Trump has shattered forever

With major institutions cutting against conservative values, exposing falsehoods has become a theme of the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump has shattered many things over the past four years, and many of them for the better, especially within Washington DC. Even the fact that a real estate mogul and government outsider swept the Republican primary then defeated his establishment Democrat opponent represents quite a political shakeup.

With every major social institution cutting against conservative values and the media waging a slanderous anti-Trump campaign since 2016, exposing falsehoods has also become a theme of this administration. Here’s 10 Washington lies Trump has shattered.

1. The Press Does Not Choose Sides

The Trump era has exposed the press for what it is: an army of propagandists and saboteurs advancing narratives designed by Deep State Democrats.


Hillary Clinton did collude with Russian agents. President Barack Obama did spy on the Trump campaign and transition team. Former CIA Director John Brennandid manipulate intelligence to remove evidence that Russia backed Clinton. James Comey did use the fraudulent Steele dossier to secure FISA warrants. Joe Biden did use political leverage on Ukraine to drop a criminal investigation into his son. A Chinese spy did chauffeur Sen. Dianne Feinstein for 20 years. And Biden’s family did take millions of dollars from the Chinese government.

These facts have been ignored by a mainstream media too busy using anonymous sources to advance one lie after the next in order to damage an American president they despise. With few exceptions, reporters are political operatives, and finally, a Republican leader has called them out for it.

2. There Is No Deep State

With the release of FBI agent William Barnett’s 302 interview describing the prosecution of Gen. Michael Flynn by the special counsel’s office as nothing but a means to “get TRUMP,” the evidence of vast misconduct by members of the federal government to orchestrate the removal of a legitimately elected president is undeniable.

Obama’s administration illegally unmasked and leaked the surveilled communications of Flynn and other Trump associates. Comey targeted the president in private meetings while pretending otherwise. Andrew Weissmann used the Special Counsel’s Office to protect Democrats’ “Russian collusion” narrative while attempting to entrap the president for obstruction of justice.

Eric Ciaramella and Alex Vindman appear to have used their national security positions to turn a Biden Ukraine scandal into a Trump impeachment. While prosecutors and judges have harassed Trump associates for four years, Americans continue to wait for the conclusion of John Durham’s investigation into this Deep State-attempted coup. There is no longer any doubt that a two-tiered system of justice exists, one for hunting Republicans and one for protecting Democrats.

3. Democrats Own Black and Hispanic Votes

Establishment Republicans predicted that Trump’s candidacy would destroy inroads with black and Hispanic voters for generations. Instead, the president has increased Republican support from both communities. Trump has proved that protecting legal immigrants, providing the conditions for robust economic growth on Main Street, and treating all Americans equally and without condescension — rather than as members of special racial classes — is a formula for success.

Democrats have taken black and Hispanic voters for granted for 60 years. Biden insists that voting for Trump proves “you ain’t black.” Americans of all colors and creeds are waking up to the reality that Democrats have used them for their votes and given them nothing in return.

4. MeToo Is About Protecting Women and Children

Who is Tara Reade? If she had accused a Republican of sexual assault, she would be well known. Because she alleges that Biden attacked her, she has disappeared from the MeToo movement, just as Democrats have ignored Juanita Broaddrick’s allegation of rape against Bill Clinton for decades.

The Me Too movement has little time for big-dog Democrat donor Jeffrey Epstein’sapparent sexual trafficking of young girls or the numerous Democrats, including Bill Clinton, connected to the “Lolita Express.” The movement does not care about Democrat donor Ed Buck, who is accused of injecting young black male prostitutes with methamphetamines before sexually assaulting them, leading to the deaths of two of his victims.

The MeToo movement imagines Republican crimes everywhere, while burying documented crimes by Democrats faster than Sen. Bob Menendez can allegedly engage in underage prostitution in the Dominican Republic and get back to New Jersey.

5. Climate Change Alarmism Isn’t About Raw Power

Carbon dioxide emissions in the United States have fallen more than in any other country in the world since 2000, as America has adopted clean coal technology and transitioned toward natural gas for electricity generation. The free market and energy innovation, not international governance, have accomplished this feat.

Regardless, climate change alarmists continue to insist that only a United States shackled by the Paris agreementwill save the planet from a temperature increase of less than one degree Celciusover the next century while ignoring China’s role as the No. 1 polluter in the world. This is, of course, due to Democrats’ desire to control more and more of American life, including through outlandish policy proposals like the Green New Deal.

6. Free Trade Requires Wrecking U.S. Manufacturing and Enriching China

Until Trump ran for president, few on the national stage questioned why fidelity to free trade required American towns throughout the Midwest to be sacrificed, so Wall Street companies could use slavery by proxy in China to slash labor costs. Few American leaders looked at those destroyed Midwestern towns and wondered if aiding and abetting illegal immigration across the southern border might be adding insult to injury.

Most of Washington looked the other way while Middle America suffered more than at any time since the Great Depression. Most of Washington laughed when these Americans asked for good manufacturing jobs to come home.

Trump didn’t laugh. He immediately understood that Americans had been abandoned so Wall Street and Washington insiders could make fortunes on the greatest intercontinental transfer of wealth in the history of the world. Trump asked Washington why America shouldn’t have the best blue-collar workforce on the planet, and nobody had an answer.

7. Defending Unborn Babies Is a Losing Political Issue

Trump is the first sitting president to speak at the annual March for Life rally in Washington. His presidency has unapologetically defended the lives of unborn Americans, and more voters are recognizing the fight for life as the most important civil rights issue in America today. During his tenure, Trump has appointed numerous judges who will uphold the constitutional right to life, and the pro-life movement was a feature of the Republican National Convention in August.

8. Judges Are Nonpartisan

Federal judges have overturned Trump’s legal orders at a faster rate than during any other presidency. While Obama somehow had the power to legislate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivalsinto existence, Trump somehow lacks the same power to undo Obama’s overreach.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has gone to great lengths to argue that there are no “Obama judges” or “Bush judges,” but after watching Judge Emmet Sullivan’s persecution of Flynn, Americans know too many judges have become political operatives and too few still adhere to the Constitution as written.

9. Democrats Aren’t Purging History or the Constitution

When some Republicans joined with Democrats to tear down Confederate flags and monuments, Trump warned that the emotional purge was just the camel’s nose under the tent. Since then, the “1619 Project” has rewritten American history, Antifa and the Black Lives Matter organization have targeted statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson for destruction, and Democrats openly call for Congress and the courts toignore the Constitution. The political left’s “Cultural Revolution” against America is in high gear now, and it is not going away.

10. The Obama Administration Was Scandal-Free

Obama’s deliberate sabotaging of the peaceful transfer of power by orchestrating a “Russia collusion” hoax that nearly took down his successor is one of the most egregious political scandals in American history. His administration’s efforts to use a cabal of high-ranking intelligence and law enforcement officers to conduct a disinformation campaign designed to implicate a sitting president as an agent of a hostile country can be described as nothing less than an attempted coup.

Along with “Fast and Furious,” the IRS targeting of conservatives, the cover-up of the administration’s culpability in Benghazi, the use of consent settlementsto coerce companies to underwrite Democrat slush funds, and the Department of Justice’s cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email serverand pay-to-play schemes through the Clinton Foundation, the Russia hoax secures Obama’s legacy as a singularly corrupt American president.

J.B. Shurk is a proud American from Daniel Boone country.
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