The parallels between today’s leftist mob and China’s Red Guard are uncanny

We’ve seen it repeatedly since George Floyd’s drug overdose: Chanting mobs of mostly young, white people surround diners at restaurants or drivers in cars and force them to repeat the “black lives matter” mantra. While some of those happily chant along, it’s evident that many are doing so because they are terrified of the screaming, violent, obscene mob surrounding them. For many of us, it’s like watching an American reprise of China’s Red Guard and its frightening struggle sessions. Paul Joseph Watson agrees. He’s has put together a video that shows how precisely today’s mob replicates China’s Red Guard.

I don’t often have the patience to sit through a 15-minute video because I usually get the point in the first few minutes. However, I watched every minute of Watson’s comparison between the ritual public shaming, all backed by actual or threatened violence, that we’re witnessing now and what happened in China from the mid-1960s through the end of the 1970s. Watson relies on archival footage, interviews, and movie reenactments to show what it was like to live in China when the Red Guard – made up of students who were true believers and others who joined the mob to take the target off their own backs – became ascendant.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the video was how Watson compares the government’s role in America and China. In the 1960s, America had significant Marxist upheavals that paralleled what Mao was doing to China with the cultural revolution. However, back then, except for craven university professors who paved the way for the Marxist takeover of American academia, the American government was hostile to these radicals.

When they violated criminal laws or disturbed the public peace, the law cracked down on the radicals. Most of the protesters had no taste for prison and eventually retreated to the middle-class lifestyle from which they came.

In Mao’s China, though, the government was complicit in the mob conduct. Watson’s short video discusses how the Chinese government, while not officially condoning the student-led violence, tacitly approved it. What’s frightening is that we’re seeing the same thing here in Democrat cities across America.

Whether it’s allowing the mob to built CHAZ, refusing to prosecute people (the norm across Democrat-run cities), fighting federal efforts to stem the violence, ordering the police to stand down, or trying to do away with the police entirely, we are witnessing in America what happened in China. Here and now, as in China in the fifty years ago, the mob and the government are allied against and trying to destroy the working people, from lower to upper class, who fund this country with their labor and innovation.

If we do not stand up to the mob while we still can, we will not be able to stand up to the mob later, when the government/leftist nexus has made the mob too strong to oppose. One way to stand up is to let your Senator know you want a vote on the next justice to ensure nine justices (and no deadlock) when the madness escalates because leftist judges and state governments are supporting open fraud in the election.

Also, vote a straight Republican ticket. Even if you don’t like your Republican candidate, you have no choice. The Democrats’ conduct since May has clarified things: The choice is a Republican or the mob. The only exception is if you live in Cheshire County, New Hampshire, where the only “Republican” candidate for sheriff is a transgender Satanist anarchist, who took advantage of the fact that no one else stepped forward to run on the Republican ticket. In that race, the Democrat candidate (who’s favored to win anyway) looks good.

Oh, and here’s the Watson video:

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