Mankind is entering a new dark age.

Mankind is Entering a New Dark Age

September 24, 2020


The COVID hoax signals the culmination of the centuries-old Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish plan to enslave humanity in a world superstate

as outlined in the Protocols of Zion. 

I wrote that “Mankind is entering a new dark age,” 18 years ago. I am reposting this article for newbies who want some historical perspective.  

Communism, Zionism & Feminism Share NWO Pedigree

from August 18, 2002

by Henry Makow PhD

George Orwell’s warning in “1984” of a nightmarish global police state was not an idle exercise. It was coming true in 1949 when the novel was published. The attack on the World Trade Center Sept. 11, staged with Hollywood flair by NW0 controllers, heralded the next phase in this centuries-old plot.

Veteran journalist Douglas Reed, writing in 1951, was also aware: “We might logically assume that a primary object of any third war, though cloaked at the start, would be the expansion of the Zionist State, and the imposition of a ‘world federation’ and a new ‘management’ of mankind. In the aftermath of the Second War such aims, earlier concealed, were much more openly admitted by leading politicians…” (Far and Wide, p. 291)

In 1913, the shareholders of the Federal Reserve took a major step toward the enslavement of humanity when they finagled the right to create money out of thin air based on the credit of the American people. This monopoly which rightly is the responsibility of Congress is worth more than $360 billion annually in interest alone. [More now.] They are doing everything to protect this monopoly, including the establishment of a global police state.

I discovered this mind-boggling intrigue last December when I probed for the reason why the “establishment” actively promotes the socially destructive Marxist lesbian ideology of “feminism.”

By “feminism” I am NOT referring to the right of women to fair and equal treatment in the workplace. That is a façade for a far more pernicious agenda, the destruction of heterosexuality, and the nuclear family.


This week I became aware that Communism and Zionism are also part of the same pattern.

If you wanted to enslave humanity, would you announce your intentions?

Rather, you would bait your hook with promises of public ownership, sharing, and universal brotherhood. This appeals to the public’s naivete, idealism, and self-interest.

At its heart, Communism is a system of social control and oppression dedicated to smashing the pillars of western civilization: nationhood, race, Christianity, democracy, free enterprise, and the nuclear family. It cares for no other principle than raw power and exercises it ruthlessly.

Members of the Comintern referred derisively to people who bought the party line as “innocents.” This is the Communist “modus operandi.” There is a publicly stated goal that appeals to everyone (like equal rights). Only the inner circle knows that the true agenda is to subvert all social institutions and gain arbitrary power.

distracted.jpg(Feckless humanity is indifferent to its sad fate.)

The Soviet Union was the banker’s original version of the “New World Order” (the Communists used that term). In “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution,” which is online, Antony Sutton describes how the bankers and their allies engineered the Russian Revolution and bankrolled the Soviet Union.

Because the same financiers control our media and education system, this was news to me. Likewise, it was surprising to learn that Jews dominated Communist Russia from its inception.

If you want to undermine the social order, you empower minorities that are ostracized by society. In the Jewish people, the bankers, who often were Jewish themselves, found an ideal instrument for their NW0 agenda. In “The Last Days of the Romanovs,” (1920) Robert Wilton writes, “Taken according to the number of population, the Jews represented one in ten; among the commissars that rule Bolshevik Russia they are nine in ten, if anything the proportion of Jews is still higher.” (391)

Marxism appealed to a sublimated religious urge on the part of largely atheistic Jews to “build a better world” on secular humanistic basis. When their usefulness was over, many of these Jews were imprisoned or liquidated. Arthur Koestler is an example of many Communist Jewish writers who recorded his disillusionment (see “The God that Failed,” “The Invisible Writing, “Darkness at Noon.”). A Russian Jewess, Ayn Rand, denounced Communism and extolled individualism and freedom (“Fountainhead,” “Atlas Shrugged”).

Nevertheless, we don’t hear much about atrocities that Jewish Communists perpetrated in the USSR. They attempted to eradicate all vestiges of the traditional Czarist social structure. In the collectivization of the Ukrainian farmers (kulaks), an estimated 10 million people were starved or shot. Millions more died in mass executions in the Baltic, massacres of Cossacks and Volga Germans, in the genocide of three million Muslims, and in Gulag slave labor camps.

As a Canadian Jew and the son of Holocaust survivors, I feel an obligation to educate myself about Jewish responsibility in this era in Russian history.


Like Communism, I’m afraid Zionism may be another example of how the bankers manipulate the Jewish people for their own ends. Most Israelis would be happy to live in peace within the 1967 borders. They are not aware of a possible hidden agenda: Israel may have been funded for the purpose of imposing New World Order hegemony on the world. Jerusalem is intended to be the world capital.

Israel doesn’t make a lot of sense in any other terms. The Israeli founding elite mostly originated in Russia where after 1917 Jews apparently had a privileged position. One of Stalin’s first acts was to make anti-Semitism “punishable by death.” The Zionist elite was atheist so the biblical injunction to return to the Holy Land was for propaganda purposes only.

trump-nwo.jpegIn his book “Fallen Pillars: US Policy towards Palestine since 1945,”(1995) Donald Neff tells how in 1919 Hugh Gibson, the newly installed ambassador to Poland, was chastised by Col. Edward Mandell House for reporting that Zionists were exaggerating Anti-Semitism in Poland for their own purposes. House threatened to block Gibson’s confirmation in the Senate. Also present: American Zionist chiefs Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter.

Who was Col. House? You won’t hear about him in establishment histories. He was Rothschild’s agent and President Woodrow Wilson’s handler. He later controlled FDR with the help of Bernard Baruch, Louis Howe, and Harry Hopkins.

Gibson was young enough (36) to be incensed about this interference. He wrote a 21-page report for his colleagues in which voiced his suspicion that the Zionists had “a conscienceless cold-blooded plan to make the condition of the Jews in Poland so bad that they must turn to Zionism for relief.”

One may wonder if Jewish immigration to the US from Nazi-occupied Europe was curtailed for the same reason.


Modern feminism is another NW0 Communist front inspired and led by Marxist Jews. Most of the leaders of the “second wave” were “red diaper babies”, so-called because their parents were Communists. They are characterized by a bizarre conviction that Western Civilization is evil because it was created by men, and therefore needs to be torn down. It has turned the university humanities curriculum to mush and psychologically sterilized two generations of “educated” women.

In the view of Kenneth Minogue, Professor Emeritus, London School of Economics, ” the radical feminist revolution is nothing less than a destruction of our civilization. It has all happened in such a way that people have not yet realized what has happened.” (see: How Civilizations Fall)

Communists, Zionists or Feminists — Jewish or not — are simply not aware that they are being used by the international bankers to create an Orwellian New World Order. If they strip away the rhetoric, they will discover that the NWO is a long-term plot to consolidate global wealth and power in a few hands. It is a scheme to degrade, enslave and even exterminate people, and to divorce humanity from nature and God.

Mankind is entering a new Dark Age.

Betrayal, Infuriating Betrayal

Betrayal. Infuriating, Betrayal

“The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.” Joseph Conrad

Here’s your political puzzler for the day: Which of these two things poses a greater threat to the country:

  1. An incompetent and boastful president who has no previous government experience and who is rash and impulsive in his dealings with the media, foreign leaders and his critics?
  2. Or a political party that collaborates with senior-level officials in the Intel agencies, the FBI, the DOJ, the media, and former members of the White House to spy on the new administration with the intention of gathering damaging information that can be used to overthrow the elected government?

The answer is “2”, the greater threat to the country is a political party that engages in subversive activity aimed at toppling the government and seizing power. In fact, that’s the greatest danger that any country can face, an enemy from within. Foreign adversaries can be countered by diplomatic engagement and shoring up the nation’s military defenses, but traitors–who conduct their activities below the radar using a secret network of contacts and connections to inflict maximum damage on the government– are nearly unstoppable.

What the Russiagate investigation shows, is that high-ranking members of the Democrat party participated in the type of activities that are described above, they were part of an illicit coup d’etat aimed at removing Donald Trump from office and rolling back the results of the 2016 elections. It is a vast understatement to say that the operation was merely an attack on Donald Trump when, in fact, it was an attack on the system itself, a full-blown assault on the right of ordinary people to choose their own leaders. That’s what Russiagate is really all about; it was an attempt to torpedo democracy by invoking the flimsy and unverifiable claim that Trump was an agent of the Kremlin.

None of this, of course, has been discussed in a public forum because those platforms are all privately-owned media that are linked to the people who executed the junta. But for those who followed events closely, and who know what actually happened,there has never been a more serious crime in American history.What we discovered was that the permanent bureaucracy, the media and the Democrat party are riddled with strategically-placed quislings and collaborators that are willing to sabotage their own government if they are so directed. The question that immediately comes to mind is this: Who concocted this plot, who authorized the electronic eavesdropping, the confidential informants, the widespread spying, the improperly obtained warrants, the fake news, and the endless leaks to the media? Who?

What we witnessed was not just an attempted coup, it was a window into the inner-workings of a secret government operating independently from within the state. And the sedition was not confined to a few posts at the senior levels of the FBI, CIA, NSA, or DOJ. No. The corruption has saturated the entire structure, seeping down to the lower levels where career bureaucrats eagerly perform tasks that are designed to damage or incriminate elected officials. How did it ever get this bad?

And who is calling the shots? We still don’t know.

Let me pose a theory: The operation might have been concocted by former CIA-Director John Brennan, but Brennan surely is not the prime instigator, nor is Clapper, Comey or even Obama. The real person or persons who initiated the coup will likely never be known. These are the Big Money guys who operate in the shadows and who have a stranglehold on the Intelligence agencies. These are the gilded Mandarins who have their tentacles wrapped firmly around the entire state-power apparatus and who dictate policy from their leather-bound chairs at their high-end men’s clubs. These are the people who decided that Donald Trump “had to go” whatever the cost. They pulled out all the stops, engaged their assets across the bureaucracy, and launched a desperate 3 and half year-long regime change operation that blew up in their faces leaving behind a trail carnage from Washington, DC to Sydney, Australia. In contrast, Trump somehow slipped the noose and escaped largely unscathed. He was pummeled mercilessly in the media, disparaged by his political rivals, and raked over the coals by the chattering classes, but — at the end of the day– it was Trump who was left standing.. Trump– who took on the entire political establishment, the Intel agencies, the FBI, the mainstream media, and the Democratic party– had beaten them all at their own game. Go figure??

Keep in mind, the Democrats have known that the Mueller probe was a fraud from as early as 2017 when the President of Crowdstrike, Shawn Henry, (who provided cyber security for the DNC) admitted to Congress that there was no forensic evidence that the DNC emails had been hacked by Russia or anyone else.

Think about that for a minute: The entire Mueller investigation was based on the assumption that Russia hacked into the DNC servers and stole the emails. We now know that never happened. The cyber-security team that conducted the investigation of the DNC computers admitted in sworn testimony before Congress that there was no evidence of “exfiltration” or pilfering of any kind. Repeat: There was no proof of hacking, no proof of Russian involvement, and no proof of foul play. The entire foundation upon which the Russia investigation was built, turned out to be false. More importantly, Democrat members of the Intelligence Committee knew it was false from the get-go, but opted to let the charade continue anyway. Why?

Because the truth didn’t matter, what mattered was getting rid of Trump by any means necessary. That’s why they used “opposition research” (Note– “Oppo” research is the hyperbolic nonsense political parties use to smear a political opponent.) to illegally obtain warrants to spy on members of the Trump team. It’s because the Democrat leadership will do anything to regain power.

By the way, we also have evidence that the warrants that were used to spy on Trump were obtained illegally. The FISA court was deliberately misled so the FBI could carry out its vendetta on Trump. Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith “did willfully and knowingly make and use a false writing and document, knowing the same to contain a materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statement and entry in a matter before the jurisdiction of the executive branch and judicial branch of the Government of the United States.” Bottom line: Clinesmith deliberately altered emails so that FISA applications could be renewed and the spying on the Trump campaign could continue.

So, let’s summarize:

  1. The Democrats knew there was no proof the emails were stolen; thus, they knew the Russia probe was a hoax.
  2. The Democrats knew that their fraudulent “opposition research” was being used to illegally obtain warrants to spy on the Trump camp. This makes them accessory to a crime.
  3. Finally, the Democrats continue to spread (virtually) the same Russia-Trump collusion allegations today that they did before the Mueller investigation released its report. The lies and disinformation have persisted as if the “nation’s most expensive and exhaustive investigation” had never taken place. What does this tell us about the Democrats?

On a superficial level, it tells us that they can’t be trusted because they don’t tell the truth. But on a deeper level, it expresses the party’s Ruling Doctrine, which is to control the public by means of deceit, disinformation, propaganda and lies. Only the powerful and well-connected are entitled to know the truth, everyone else must be subjected to fabrications that are crafted in a way that best coincides with the overall objectives of ruling elites. That’s why the Democrats stick with the shopworn mantra that Trump is in bed with Russia. It doesn’t matter that the theory has been thoroughly discredited and disproved. It doesn’t even matter that the theory was never the slightest bit believable to begin with. What matters is that party leaders are preventing ordinary people from knowing the truth, which is an essential part of their governing doctrine. It’s surprising that this doesn’t piss-off more Democrats, after all, it’s the ultimate expression of contempt and condescension. When someone lies to your face relentlessly, repeatedly and shamelessly, they are expressing their loathing for you. Can’t they see that?

But maybe you think this is overstating the case? Maybe you think the Dems are just trying to “cover their backside” on a matter that is purely political?

Okay, but answer this: Were the Democrats involved in a plot to overthrow the President of the United States?

Yes, they were.

Is that treason?

Yes, it is.

Then, are we really prepared to say that treason is “purely political”?

No, especially since Russiagate was not a one-off, but just the first shocking example of how the Democrats operate. If we examine the Dems approach to the Covid-19 crisis, we see that their policy is actually more destructive than the 4-year Russia fiasco.

For example, which party has imposed the most brutal, economy-eviscerating lockdowns and the most punitive mask mandates, while steadily ratcheting up the fearmongering at every opportunity? Which states suffered the most catastrophic economic damage due in large part to the edicts issued by their Democrat governors? Which party is using a public health emergency to advance the global “Reset” agenda announced at the World Economic Forum (WEF)? Which party is using the Covid-19 fraud to crash the economy, eliminate 40 million jobs, roll-back basic civil liberties and turn the United States into a NWO slave-state ruled by Wall Street bankers, Silicon Valley technocrats and Davos elites?Which party?

And which party has aligned itself with Black Lives Matter, the faux-social justice organization that is funded by foreign oligarchs that are working tirelessly to crush the emerging populist movement that supports “America First” ideals? Which party applauded while American cities burned and small businesses across the country were looted and razed by masses of hooligans engaged in an orgy of destruction? Which party’s mayors and governors rejected federal assistance to put down the riots and reestablish order so ordinary people could get back to work to provide for themselves and their families? And which party now is threatening widespread social unrest and anarchy if the upcoming presidential election does not produce the result that they or their globalist puppet-masters seek?

The Democrat party has undergone a sea-change in the last four years. There’s no trace of the party that was once headed by progressive-thinking idealists like John F Kennedy. What’s left now is a shell of its former self; a cynical, self-aggrandizing, cutthroat organization that has betrayed its base, the American people, and the country. Indeed, for all its many failings, it is the ‘betrayal’ that is the most infuriating.