Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Recently, had a heated clash with an associate.  She happens to be a woman, and highly accomplished.  She has a very prosperous career.  She has traveled to 30 countries, has a very advanced college degree, has overcome the adversity of coming from a war torn nation to come to America and become successful.  I won’t state her religion, other than to remark that it was discussed by America’s 6th President, John Quincy Adams.   Unfortunately, as is common with most of the educated class, they have been taught that a college education is indispensable to all knowledge.  They have not been taught actual history, but rather specious arguments to use to discount every single reference to actual human history that can be offered in a debate.

The conversation began innocuously enough.   It began when I heard about all the alleged wrongs America was guilty of from her.  ‘Well’, says I, ‘If America is so bad, why are you here’?  Her response was to state that the problems in her country were caused by America.  ‘This isn’t true’, stated I, ‘as America helped clean up the mess caused by Marxism in your country’.  A common tendency of the media and schools is to continually deride and castigate America, to demoralize it’s citizens, and to destroy America without actually starting a war.  It is a very insidious and subtle strategy, and few Americans on the left recognize it.  They actually believe there is a reward for condemning America, and failing to critically think about America in relation to other contemporary societies and ideologies.

When she proceeded to state that I couldn’t know how bad America was because I wasn’t from a war torn country, I queried in response, ‘How can you evaluate America, when you’ve failed to learn the fundamental basics of America’?  When she asked what this was, I asked if she could name 10 Founders of America from memory.  Knowing the media, schools, and tech companies have done a terrible job in educating Americans on the basics of our history, it was once again revealed she did not know.  However, rather than admitting that she did not know and would learn, she immediately became very agitated and began lecturing me that I wasn’t fit to teach her anything, as her education, wealth, and experience made her far more an expert on America than I was.

This drove me to be apoplectic, and I do not like becoming angry.  I’m convinced our anger is chosen by us, and endeavoring to avoid anger is a very wise thing.  It’s good for our health too, as anger isn’t good for ones heart.  Further, one doesn’t think very well when one is angry.  However, I simply asked what exactly was taught in college that could not be learned for free in the library?  I’ve never received a good response to this, and the trend continued.  Our Democrat elites have programmed millions that unless their experts among celebrities, in colleges, in tech companies, in the media, and in schools approve, nothing can be true.  This leads to massive polarization when their ‘experts’ feed us tremendous lies on climate change, systemic racism, gun control, homosexuality, and a host of other issues that  the Democrat plutocrat overlords lie to us about daily.  The common man indignantly protests and the mindless drones of the Democrat party ruthlessly try to enforce their ideology without critically examining it at all.

So, in summary, we need to understand that it is not an education, not money, not experience, and not experts who prove what is true or not.  Truth is objective and can be, if pursued sedulously and assiduously, be obtained by anyone.  The wisest are those who know they do not know.  They ask more questions, and are more likely to find the truth. Those who rest complacently on what media, schools, and tech companies tell them, are far more likely to be deceived, and to be indignant to find out what they have believed to be true, was not true at all.

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