Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

Kupelian: Racist America: The left’s biggest lie.

Fight for survival in Bahamas

Paradise destroyed.

Hell Storm inches towards Florida

Video: Storm Chaser

Hurricane Dorian downgraded to a Category 3.

Desperate Cries for help in Grand Bahamas.

Floridians evacuate and grumble.

Homosexual Chicago Mayor clashes with Cruz on gun control.

WATCH: Joe Biden Calls for Ban on Magazines Holding ‘Multiple Bullets’

Feminist Capitalist Professor under fire.  Argues students are socially underdeveloped, and know little about Western History.

Greenfield: The media Master Race.

Trump expected to sign off on Taliban deal to bring 5,000 troops home after nearly 18 months in Afghanistan.

Thomas: Unequal justice for Comey.

House Democrat explodes on Liz Cheney for defending God.

Walmart to dramatically step back from gun sales.

Patience thresh holds lower than ever before, tech to blame, average person frustrated after waiting 16 seconds!!

Texas killer called police, FBI before shooting began.

Was on a long spiral of going down.

Failed background check.

American airlines chaos as passenger takes emotional support HORSE onto flight.

Monday night’s incident at Newark airport involved bipolar airline employee

Bieber: pitfalls of fame, drugs, women.

In praise of Melania: First lady treated horribly by press.

Media takes hits in bitter partisan era.

Facebook considers hiding likes to protect fragile egos.

WSJ: Racists don’t fight abortion, they promote it.

Dougherty: Ben Penn’s bad-faith hit job on Leif Olsen

Smith: Meet the World Expert on all things: Tom Nichols.

Grabar: Zinn’s of omission.

Ibrahim: Tomorrow we are coming to kill you all.

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