Saturday, September 7th, 2019

Barr: Judges must stop issuing nationwide injunctions.


China: A Paper Tiger in a Fragile Economy

THE SUMMER OF WINNING…The Real Story Of Trump’s Incredible Successes Fake Media Doesn’t Want You To See

Sobieski: Is Chicago a gun crime Sanctuary City?

Ellis: Why Socialists in Congress are holding up new NAFTA.

McMillan: One must die: either big government  or real freedom.

McCarthy: The turn towards a pre-9/11 mindset.

Carmichael: The truth about Huey Long.

Rosenthal: Tyranny by majority vote.  Can the people vote out the right to bear arms?

‘Hour of darkness’ for Bahamas; 43 dead, with toll to rise

Biden has near-coughing fit and calls Trump ‘President Hump’ at New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention

Google Whistleblower Proves Was Targeted By Google

US Lawmakers Press For Passage of Bill to Support Hong Kong, Prompts Angry Beijing Response

Trump slams ‘nasty’ Washington Post reporters; newspaper hits back, calls tweet ‘unwarranted and dangerous’

Boston mayor lashes out at injured police instead of criticizing the Antifa terrorists who injured them… another liberal city goes full-on ANTI-COP

Feinstein: Politicians as folk heroes?

Kirk: Howard Zinn’s American Holocaust.

Teen Trapped for Years in Foster Care: There Was No Need to Take Me Away

Joe Biden Promises Environmentalist: ‘Look into My Eyes; I Guarantee You, We Are Going to End Fossil Fuel’

Massachusetts mayor arrested for extorting marijuana vendors for 6-figure bribes

Utter: Abortion number one cause of death, globally.

Rosenthal: For whom are reparations due?

Marcus: The cure for confused male/ female relationships.

Trump Presents Medal of Freedom to NBA’s Jerry West

Woman sexually assaulted on American Airlines flight got no help from flight crew.

‘Staggering’ death toll feared in Bahamas after Dorian’s Destruction

‘Sanctuary’ County decries reporting on illegal alien rapes.

Climate alarmism floods Hurricane Dorian Coverage.

Senator calls for probe of Kavanaugh accusers testimony.

Judge: Feds may be acting in ‘bad faith’ over Hillary’s e-mails.

Kupfer: The not so enigmatic Clarence Thomas.

Continetti: Corporate America wants to be woke.

Smith: The Brexit Saboteurs.

Mayor Pete Uses The Bible To Redefine When Life Begins And Now His Family Wants Him To Repent

‘A modern-day Pharisee’: Buttigieg’s evangelical brother-in-law urges him to ‘repent’ of abortion views

Here’s Why The DOJ Wants Tech Giants To Fork Over Gun Owners’ Information

Holt: Patent Trolls are not useful.

Reagan: America tunes out demented Dems.

Iran: No longer abiding by uranium enrichment limits.

Alveda King: Bernie Sanders’ Population Control Will Target Black Communities

Kamala Harris Supports Forced Buyback of AR-15s

Nolte: Pastor Buttigieg Is like a Doctor Deliberately Giving Cancer Patients the Wrong Chemo

Philippine Bishops Praise Supreme Court Rejection of Same-Sex Marriage

David Hogg: Today’s Mass Shootings Stem from America’s ‘Indigenous Mass Shootings’ and ‘White Supremacy’

Curry: The Europeans keep rejecting liberty.

Kennedy: Reminder to liberals: The USA is not a democracy.

Lifson:Chick-fil-A opens first international store as eager customers step over bodies of ‘die-in’ protestors

Schweikart: The suicide of the House is complete.

Lifson: Lefty website ThinkProgress closes, lays off staff.

Rail: What women need to understand to deal with bad men.

Rosenthal: Democrats’ 2020 gameplan.

Moberg: A quick and logical argument against birthright citizenship.

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