Monday, September 16th, 2019

Whenever one alleges Communism or Marxism is in Vallejo, or any other Democrat hellhole, for that matter, you are likely to be laughed at, called Joe McCarthy, and gossiped about in private.  Communists have been using these tactics for decades.  They are masters of Deceit, and champion manipulators of public opinion.  They are very good at calling people racists, homophobes, sexists, bigots, haters, islamophobes, xenophobes, transphobes, or anything else that will denigrate opponents of Marxism, and allow their evil agenda to go on.
What do Communists do in today’s society, and who funds them?  They are very good at stirring people up against law enforcement.  They are good at infiltrating unions, including, sadly, the police unions.  They are good at pushing racial tensions.  They are good at using dependency that their corruption breeds and gaining more power.  Prostitution is highest in Democrat run cities.  They are good at pushing racism against whites, and claiming that the only race that can be racist are whites.  Any harm done whites by other races is ignored and minimized by these corrupt types, but any crime done by whites against any other race is sensationalized and trumpeted.
As for who funds them, we need look no further than Council Member Brown to find out what the Communists in Vallejo are up to, and who is behind them.  He just attended a GARE (Government alliance on Racial Equity) conference, as Lefou, or excuse me, Heather Blithely, informs us on a Facebook page.  Vallejoans don’t appear to be fooled, as the post had only 3 likes.  Of course, if you disagree with Communism, you are kicked off the Facebook page where she posts her nonsense.  The funding behind this comes from, among other sources, the benign sounding HAAS Foundation for a fair and an inclusive society.  Who can object to such a harmless, innocent name that seems to promote justice?  Ah, but it’s fake.  When we see where the Haas money comes from, it’s originally from Levi Strauss, who came up with Jeans in the California Gold Rush.  Unfortunately, money given to descendants tends to rot, and cause more damage than help, and that’s what this money is doing.  Have heard of this foundation from NPR, which is illicitly funded by taxpayers and pushes a radically left-wing agenda, though they will furiously lie about this if called on it.  One wonders, why would capitalists who made billions off of America’s free and open society seek to spread dangerous ideas that destroy that freedom for others?  Well, it’s because power tends to corrupt, and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely, as Lord Acton informed us.  When one reads ‘The Naked Capitalist‘ one discovers that those you would expect to be the most grateful for the wealth America allowed them to accumulate, instead tend to be avaricious and corrupt, and tend to fund ideas that seek to destroy America and other nations. Was pretty shocked to learn it was American communists and Hitler sympathizers that bankrolled communism in China and Russia, and the rise of Hitler in Germany.  Like Frankenstein, their inventions went horribly wrong.   It was infuriating to learn that if American money and arms had not been given to Russia and China, we never would have had to deal with their horrible atrocities against their own citizens.
Note on this GARE  website that no business is connected with them that is owned by whites.  So, they are promoting racism under the guise of justice.  They proudly boast of businesses being owned by non whites, which is fantastic, but when you start proudly boasting about your exclusion of any race, that’s racism.   Note also that there is no phone number to contact anyone at the organization.    This is common with these power hungry types.  They feel they are too important and powerful to be bothered with the opinions of the little people.  They commonly, in conversations among themselves, encourage each other to avoid ‘negative’ people (meaning people who tell the uncomfortable truth), and to stay around ‘positive’ people, which means stay around people who are just as deceived as they are.
What these bogus foundations do is push their Cultural Marxism and advertise it under a harmless moniker, like racial justice.  This sounds good to the average person, who is naive and gullible. Then, these snakelike Marxists, will viciously call people like me racists when we dare to call out their subterfuge.
Also, it’s very disturbing that Vallejo’s leftists are organizing to infiltrate the schools.  Vallejo’s kids don’t know beans about history, Civics, the Bible, virtue, math, writing, or reading, but these Marxists insist they need to ‘help’ out the schools. Well, they don’t want children actually learning.  They want mindless drones who they can brainwash to fight their bloody revolution.
If this Foundation and GARE project was really about overcoming racism they’d be speaking out about abortion, which Democrats push, and which is committing genocide on the black community.  If they cared about racism, they’d be screaming outrageously about why poverty and crime are always highest in the black community under Democrats. But, these privileged, racist elites could care less about the common man.  It’s about power and wealth for them.
Also, Hakeem has flunky’s like Morgan Hannigan, a despicable and degenerate pot dealer, who would have been rotting in jail 20 years ago, along with Hakeem, who are enforcers for him.  Hannigan is an incompetent debater, and has publicly threatened to fight me from the podium when it was his turn to speak, and tries to intimidate opponents into silence.  Yet, he’s given positions of power at City Hall.   So, it’s pretty interesting when a thug threatens violence in public, and he’s not corrected at all, and I simply get up and echo the Constitution, that homosexuality is a crime against nature, and the police can’t get up to the podium fast enough to escort me out of City Hall.
Communists and Marxists wanted to legalize drugs and normalize homosexuality and pornography, to create a weak population that they could control and manipulate.  And we see in Vallejo that some of the most corrupt types have risen to power, and they viciously, and ruthlessly attack those who value virtue, because they are afraid of their power, which they aren’t fit to hold, being taken from them.  Like all barbarian warlords, they seek only to rule others, but neglect to rule themselves.
Hakeem does not belong in office as long as he owns a marijuana business, and no drug dealer does, for that matter.  Vallejo is going to pot.   Marijuana has been thoroughly debunked,  but, with the exception of the courageous Osby Davis, the city did not have the will to resist the Obama zombies who pushed for it’s legalization with zero proof of it being safe.  Find a new occupation that does no damage to Vallejo’s citizens.  Our town may as well be run by the Mexican drug cartels.
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