The War on Police and the lying media, including the Vallejo Times Herald.

The liberal media has long waged a war on police in America.  Why, you may ask?  Well, the more the media can whip average Americans up to hate the police, and not trust them, the more lawbreakers can spread mayhem with impunity, and the easier it is to destroy America without firing a shot.  If you are China, and hoping for America to self-destruct, you are cheering the media whipping up Anti-police sentiment.

Do the police have an agenda to kill black men?  Not hardly if you look at the raw data.  Double the number of white men are killed by police than black men.  But, if you talk to the majority of people in your Democrat inner cities, they are convinced the police have nothing better to do than assassinate black men.


Simply judge the data for yourself.

In 2015, there were 995 fatal shootings.  Here is how the numbers break down:

Whites: 497
Blacks: 259
Hispanics: 172

In 2016, there were 963 fatal shootings.

Whites: 466
Blacks: 234
Hispanics: 160

In 2017, there were 987 fatal shootings by police officers.  Here is how the numbers break down:

Whites: 459
Blacks: 223
Hispanics: 179

In 2018, 998 were fatally shot.

Whites: 405
Blacks: 210
Hispanics: 148


For some reason, the Vallejo Times Herald, the New  York Times, and the Washington Post, never tell us the whole story about black on black crime. 

They never tell us the story about police and black men.

When will the media stop lying to us?  When will they stop trying to start a coup in America.  It’s all out in the open now.  The media don’t care about anyone in America.  They care only about lying to us, deceiving us, and following the orders of their malicious and deceitful owners, who obviously want to divide us and conquer us.  Time for us to stop paying attention to liberal media, get rid of our televisions, and start tuning in to Messanonews. com.  If Vallejo pays tens of thousands of dollars for the Times Herald to lie to them every year, then it’s time for them to shift their money to Messanonews, to learn truth.  The Times Herald owner has miserably failed Vallejo and it’s employees by recklessly pushing the most derelict and debauched lies.  They lied to Vallejo about police, about climate change, about systemic racism, implicit bias, Russian collusion, and they have no intentions of stopping the lying anytime soon.  They are having a grand time lying to this city and keeping it and it’s citizens in the dark, as we are having the shackles of slavery placed upon us by their diabolical masters.

The Vallejo Times Herald has been lying to Vallejo for two years about Trump colluding with Russia.  They have been caught red handed.  They have no intention of apologizing, and they plan to continue lying.  It’s up to us to strike back, put them out of business, and start a new News source that will tell the truth always, with no exceptions.  If the people don’t have the truth, they will not know how to respond to danger.


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