How legalizing contraception in 1965 is leading to the destruction of America.

The 1965 Supreme Court decision of Griswold vs. Connecticut legalized contraception for the first time in American history.  As with the 1969 legalization of porn, the 1973 legalization of abortion, the 2003 legalization of homosexuality, and the 2015 legalization of homosexual marriage, this SCOTUS decision was a massive judicial overreach.  So, we will examine factors that led up to it, what it’s effects have been, and what do we do about it.

The 1948 Kinsey Report unleashed a Pandora’s Box opening on America, and it has been progressively (no pun intended) growing worse for America.   Dr. Judith Reisman wrote capably about the devastation.   We went from an illegitimacy rate of 3.6% in 1947, to the current chaos of 39.8% in 2017.   Liberals, with their fantasies of a Big Government utopia,  are exhilarated by this.  They absolutely love the power of making something new, though they always ruin it, as our past 100 years experience and 100 million murdered has taught the wise.   Also, soldiers returning from World War 2 had not only been exposed to the devastation of war, but many had not been totally abstinent while overseas, and since many were quite young, and very impressionable, they longed for the brothels they had overseas, right here in America.   They didn’t reason enough to figure out the reason why we went overseas to fight in wars for nations too weak to defend themselves, was precisely because of their lax moral habits.  France was as hedonistic as it comes, and that’s why they got the worst of it in both World Wars.  Germany was quite corrupt before Hitler took over, and it’s debauchery made them vulnerable to his dictatorship.  A moral people would have never consented to his tyranny.  Communism was, and is, very degenerate, and so Russia was very weak from it’s godless government as well.


Also, Margaret Sanger, the Killer Angel, was a huge fan of abortion and birth control, particularly in the black community.  When white Democrats realized slavery and segregation weren’t options, they jumped at welfare, contraception, and abortion to control and eliminate the black population.   They are still playing this game today,  while constantly shouting about ‘muh racism’, and ‘peach Foty Fi’ today.   In the Contraception decision, it was stated that there was a right to privacy in the Constitution.  That’s completely absurd, because the Founders were a moral and a religious people,  and they created the Constitution for a moral and a religious people.  It’s very sad that we have many today who love the Constitution and what it says, but they refuse to live as the Founders lived, and to revere the ideals they used to form the Constitution.  Read a fantastic book on the power to individuals and nations that comes from containing sex in marriage by an Israeli Jew. 

The effect of contraception was horrifying.    Simply look at every major crime statistic other than murder.  They have all officially astronomically increased since 1960, and it’s even worse unofficially!!  The actual rates are much  higher, since police cook the books, and other factors.  For instance, when we look at rape, it has gone from about 9.6 per 100,000, to 41.7 per 100,000, and it’s probably closer to 100 per 100,000 due to the book tampering mentioned already, and due to men who use porn won’t believe women reporting rape, and there is a huge backlash often.  Ever view the comments section when a woman claims she has been raped by a celebrity?  You see hundreds of men saying she’s lying.  In most every case, they are porn users, and often, a good deal worse.  In their minds, women are there for their pleasure.   With contraception, the woman no longer needed to stay home and raise her family, now she could have sex, and not have any ‘accidents’.  Children now became an impairment to women’s pleasure and prosperity.  And, so young women, like Hillary Clinton, took full advantage and began screeching about ‘women’s rights’.  Our nation is now full of termagants who grew up in the 1960’s, practiced birth control, and are now older than 60, with few to no children or grandchildren.  These women are now quite miserable.   They normally vote Democrat, overwhelmingly, and many of them make up a sizeable proportion of the 80% of the women who initiate divorce.  We forgot that the entire purpose of the sex drive was for marriage and children.  To justify their consciences, the hedonistic came up with fairy tales like Climate Change and overpopulation.    America’s dominance in morality and intellect has severely eroded, and while many will claim that it’s not due to contraception, they are willfully ignoring the data and it’s connections.


In 1955-1960, the average woman had 3.7 children.  In 2017, the average woman had 1.7.  Replacement is 2.1, and Muslim women are having 3.1.  Also, women who marry young, don’t desire sex that much, but their drive increases a lot beginning in their 30’s and 40’s.  So, the wise young woman who married and had lots of children, now has a husband to rely upon for those desires.  The woman who is in her 40’s and 50’s, and no longer looks as she did at 20, and is now single (not talking about the women who stay celibate, the women who are widowed, or those whose husbands abused them physically or abused drugs, alcohol, and who had to divorce, etc.) , and remembering all the physical intimacy she once enjoyed, will have a hard time of it, because men no longer desire her as they once did.

What do we do, friends?  Well, we understand contraception is still illegal, and so are porn, abortion, homosexuality, and homosexual marriage.  We begin containing sex in marriage again, and we begin having as many children as we can.  Many on here are beyond the years of having children, and for you, repentance is in order.   You can salvage all the years you did not have children by publicly acknowledging your past errors, and even how it has harmed you.   You can encourage the young to avoid your mistakes.  By doing this, you can remove the stain of your past sins, redeem your destiny, and return America to the moral virtue and wisdom she once had before this curse of contraception was legalized.

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