A day in San Fransicko

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to attend an open townhall hosted by David Chu, Phil Ting, and Scott Weiner.  Weiner happens to be the biggest homosexual supporter in San Fransicko, which is saying quite a bit.  I was there to dispute their promoting these deviant sex ed courses that are trying to brainwash America’s children with sexual debauchery.  I was happily pleased when my friend and I saw an active Chinese contingent of 40 already protesting the excessive government overreach and corruption.  We joined them, along with Ellen Zhao, a Republican candidate for mayor.  Imagine the courage it takes for a Republican to run for mayor of SF.


Let’s not forget Scott Weiner, along with every homosexual in America, belongs in jail, as homosexuality is a crime against nature.  For the slow ones, the Declaration of Independence states that our laws come from nature and nature’s God.  Since it was written by 204 Christians, that means homosexuality, as a legal hero of the Founders, Blackstone, noted, was a crime against nature.  No, for those of you who have been deceived by Google, the lamestream media, Hollyweird, schools, and hellivision, the Founders all didn’t own slaves (the majority opposed it), they weren’t Free Masons (David Barton wrote a great book disputing this disinformation), they weren’t atheists and deists (Barton also wrote the “Jefferson Lies”, dispelling the massive disinformation written about him).  They were far wiser and more virtuous than any Republican or Democrat leader in America today.  SCOTUS had no right to legalize homosexuality in 2003.


Knowing this, it was very awkward to get to a townhall in America, and to expect politicians who belong in jail, running things.  Having a homosexual in public office is like asking the fox to guard the henhouse.  Of course, when I’m writing this, I’m picturing the cognitive dissonance going through nearly every liberals mind, and it’s pretty hilarious.  Conservatives aren’t exempt from  this as well.  Most conservative men are wimpy, and think standing up for absolute right is some kind of hateful action.  In reality, God says you Christians who won’t publicly speak up for what is right in public, have the blood of the wicked on your head.  (Ezekiel 33). That is a punishment far worse than anything the wicked liberals can do to you.  Christians are told not to fear the wicked, who can only kill your body, but rather fear God, who can destroy your body and your soul in this life and the next.


Anyhow, I sat down with about 40 conservatives, in the front row.  The meeting started with a KQED (NPR Radio) host asking questions.  ‘We are sunk’, I thought.  NPR is funded by taxpayers and is overwhelmingly liberal.  So we pay money to broke Democrats for them to keep running our cities and states into the ground.  Makes zero sense, but taxpayers have been doing it for decades.


‘SENATOR WEINER, WE NEED YOU TO HELP THE HOMELESS’, I was shocked out of my reverie with the voice of an audience member who decided to yell out and interrupt the introduction.  And this was only the beginning.  I was at first happy that this degenerate was being interrupted, but then, to my shock and surprise, I discovered the audience members shouting out were even more on the left than Weiner.  Who knows, he may have deliberately planted them in the audience himself.  After some deliberation, myself and a few other conservatives began outrageously YELLING BACK AT THOSE WHO INTERRUPTED.  Thoroughly indignant, and recognizing the dangerous resemblance to the rowdy beginnings of the Communist revolutions in Russia and China, I bellowed out, ‘LEARN YOUR HISTORY, AND SHUT THE HECK UP’!   Then, ‘THE MARXIST REVOLUTIONS KILLED 100 MILLION IN THE LAST 100 YEARS, AND THESE SHAMEFUL INTERRUPTIONS ARE FRIGHTENINGLY CLOSE TO WHAT HAPPENED THERE’.  Thankfully, that was the end of the interruptions.  Some people in the front row went back and almost got into fisticuffs with the members in the back.  I went back with my friend, and asked how many biographies of the Founders those who were interrupting had read.  It was weird, because they were in a Zen trance, and kept rhythmically chanting about free housing.  They weren’t even thinking, just repeating mantras.  Kind of tragic to deal with human zombies.  Once they ran out of steam, they were silent.

So the meeting progressed and ended finally.  Talked with a few people in the audience, and then left.

Across the street from the SF City Hall, was a wonderful park, with a seemingly innocent scene, of children playing happily in broad daylight.  But wait, all was not as it seemed.  Security was patiently trying to convince one man not to roll his joint and smoke it next to children, and another man was chased away by parents as he tried to dispose of his meth pipe right next to children.  All this in broad daylight.  And Weiner wants to legalize injection stations, so all of San Francisco can get high as a kite, SAFELY!  The absurdity!  A. P. Giannini founded Bank of America around here, and the noble entrepreneurs (most) who came here for the Gold Rush are turning in their graves.



Another wild day in one of the most evil cities in America.



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  1. “Let’s not forget that Scott Weiner, along with every homosexual in America, belongs in jail, as homosexuality is a crime against nature.”
    Actually, faggots ought to get the death penalty. Yes, it says so in Leviticus 20:13. It states, “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

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