News, Saturday, January 5th, 2018.

Alexander: College keeps women from bearing children.

Schaper: Single Life, a challenge to overcome, or a blessing to receive.  

Showalter: The NY Times gets the truth out about pot.

Ted Cruz introduces a Constitutional Amendment on term limits.




Archibald: Shanahan and China.

Arvay: America is self destructing over hate speech.

Security threat: FBI launches investigation into phony text messages sent to House Republicans. 

New Medical warning: Your social media comments could get you killed.

Socialist congresswoman has kindred spirits in freshman class.

Chinese Admiral: Sink U.S Aircraft carriers to end South China Sea tension.

New Muslim Congresswoman: ‘We’re going to impeach the M****  F****er.’

Vulgar Tirade!

‘Trump has met his match’.

President: ‘Dishonored herself’.

Pelosi: Not in the censorship business!

Democrats: New Bill requires 10 years of tax returns.

Dems lay impeachment trap, but will President step into it?

Ellis: Democrats: All about impeachment, amnesty, and abortion.

Record flood at border.

‘Mentor’ at Napa Boys and Girls club charged in federal child porn case.

Farah: Congress’ new Sharia Caucus 

Crouere: In Congress, the inmates are now running the asylum.

Gensert: Era of the Trumper tantrum.

Hellner: The results of the Obama presidency still don’t matter to journalists.

Meyrat: Abortion at the core of both left and right.

Chadwell: How the left appropriates Christianity.

Moran: Shutdown endangers food stamps and tax refunds if stalemate continues.

Showalter: Democrats have big ideas for scrapping Republican democracy.

Belsky: Trump: Heck maybe I’ll declare a national emergency to fund the wall.

Continetti: The coming Democrat disillusion.

Chuck Norris slams the ‘price of teenage cool’.

Rich Kid of Communism: Fidel Castro’s grandson flashes wealth, love of high life

Disturbing video of Drake fondling and kissing 17 year old girl emerges.

Police: 3 dead 4 wounded at Torrance bowling alley.

Maxine Waters won’t please everyone, even fellow dems.

Jolly: Why Sears is dying.

Lewis: Greenwashing Al Gore.

Smith: Of Caravans and walls.

New video promoting border security features Chuck Schumer.

Judge: State can’t stop engineers from calling themselves engineers.

Watch another CNN star hang onto the microphone.

Ponnuru: Do your job justices.

Sheriff Joe’s Defamation lawsuit against the NY Times took an interesting turn.

Liz Warren picks a fight with Trey Gowdy over lobbying, he had a quick response.

Reagan: Son of Flake.

Fontova: Anniversary of a fake news classic by the NY Times.

Hammond: The Gun lobby: Reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated.

Feulner: Democrats out of order on judicial-vacancy crisis.

Kovacs: prodding Trump’s EPA to re investigate Endangerment.

Street: Trump’s Space Force: We win, they lose.

Jackson: Fee for a service: A viable health care alternative

Moran: SCOTUS to hear 2 cases on partisan gerrymandering.

Showalter: An old leftist trick to smear the right from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her adoring press.

Canto Jr.: Mr. President, please sit down with the 31.

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