News. Monday, January 7th, 2019

Top 20% of American households pay 88% of federal income taxes.

Dems eye 33% corporate tax hike.

Limbaugh: What if 2016 Election Collusion was actually the Democrats?

Ginsburg will not sit for SCOTUS arguments for first time.

Brown: Rejection of God is our biggest issue.

Trump to Border.

Plans Oval Office Address.

Toplansky: Allah over America.

Farah: 3 Reasons why free speech in America is endangered.

Marcus: Transgender theory enables child abuse.

Hornsby Haynes: Harvard study proves risks of early education.

Alexander: The Exodus of women from the home has been a disaster for them – Elizabeth Warren

Logis: The Great Wall of America will break the Democrats.

McCann: The Ruling Class defines character for Donald Trump.

Joondeph: Trump and the character question.

Greendorfer: Anti-semitism, BDS, and the ACLU.

Showalter: Illegals a law unto themselves, in California cop-killing case.

Gavin Newsom vows to fight Trump’s ‘Corruption and Incompetence’.

Braun: Enough is enough, time to secure the Southern border.

Buckle up: Beto solo road trip to meet voters.

‘Untested’ Kamala readies publicity blitz.

Mag: Biden bid most divisive thing for nation.

China flexes political muscle to expand economic power.

Launches cultural extermination campaign against Muslims.

Another black man dies in home of homosexual Dem Donor.

Uber driver admits to murdering six strangers between fares.

Newsom challenges Trump in inauguration.

Henry: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ is powered by the Unicorn’s.

Jacobs: Inside the Trump Administrations debate over expanding Obamacare.

Weingarten: Isaam Akel, an American brutalized like Khashoggi.

Massie: Why the Mitt Romney Crowd hates Trump.

Buchanan: Tribalism: It’s alive and well in Democratic party.

Cruz raising stakes in fight against terror salaries.

Professor faces discipline for exposing bogus ‘grievance studies’ scholarship.

Homosexual NY Times editor: Only honest way to cover Trump is to be negative.

Coulter: Trump visiting border is ‘beyond moronic’.

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