News, Friday, January 4th, 2018

College keeps women from bearing Children

Former Porn actress leaves business after finding God.

Muslim Rashida Tlaib calls for impeachment of Trump on first day in office.

‘We’re going to impeach the m****** F******er’!!!

Teacher had young girl pose, planned to sell her in Morocco: Texas cops

Perazzo: The racist, anti-Semitic, black left.


Trump considers declaring a national emergency over wall funding.

Shutdown could last years!

Ocasio-Cortez: Raise tax rates to 70%!

82.7% on richest New Yorkers.

Compares self to Lincoln, FDR.

Xi orders military to ‘enhance combat readiness’ after American travel warning.

Federalist staff highlight our favorite articles by Bre Payton.

Hawkins: Congratulations and questions for our two new Muslim Congresswomen.

Thomas: Wicked Gender deluded mob must be defeated.

Lifson: Dems unprepared for a Federal Shutdown that lasts months and months.

Jobs up big!


Record number working.

Manufacturing best in 20 years.

Hispanic unemployment lowest ever.

Dow: +750!

First openly homosexual/heterosexual Senator sworn in in American history.

Won’t take oath on Bible.

Tyrannical Democrats look to kill Electoral College.

Rough: How America’s scornful elites helped one of the worst media liars ever.

Markovsky: Trump and the Jihadi’s.

Sobieski: Et tu, Mitt?

Watch: Obnoxious CNN reporter gets Mic taken away after shouting at Trump.

Hakim: Hank Johnson brings ‘Trump is Hitler’ to House of Representatives.

Lifson: Dems debut their clownshow strategy for 216th congress.

Blake: America’s Syria controversy is a proxy war over foreign policy.

Russia to deploy strike missiles in Atlantic.

Facebook fed up with Times.

Depression in girls linked to higher use of social media.

Poll: Immigration among top concerns in 2019.

Street: MAGA: First real US household income gain since 2000.

Feinstein: What is it about Massachusetts politicians?

Arvay: Epiphany of a betrayed conservative.

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