News, Thursday January 3rd, 2019


US issues travel warning to China!!

Farah: Why Trump must bust up big tech in 2019.

Are Dr. Archibald’s child sex abuse photos in Dr. Kinsey’s Indiana University’s secret files?

U.S. Intel hid exculpatory Flynn evidence.

Day 1: Democrats to introduce impeachment articles against Donald Trump!!

Pelosi: Constitution considers me Trump’s equal.

Pelosi again: Trump can expect a ‘different world’.

Freshman class not asking permission.

Muslim Congresswoman to be sworn in on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran.

Flashback: Thomas Jefferson vs. the Muslim Pirates.

Young women need to pursue Godly femininity.

Paul Whelan: Ex-US Marine, charged with spying.

Moran: CNN reporter asks Whelan brother about his anti-CNN posts.

Stepman: Saying goodbye to Bre Payton.

AP slammed for garbage obituary of conservative writer, Bre Payton.

Ledeen: Real World War.

Feder: Explaining the coming DemocRAT infestation.

Tyler: A bad case of anosognosia at Gamestop.

Bokhari: The terrifying rise of financial blacklisting.

‘The new Green Deal’:  A radical mandate for government control of American society.

Democrats taking over house plan massive expansion, free everything for everybody.

Apple stock plunges 10%!

Apple blames China.

Michael Savage, facing death threats heads to secret location. Update: Completely ignored by hometown SF Chronicle!!  

Lifson: Serious Death Threats to Michael Savage a symptom of the left’s politics of hate.


Jackson: No Sharia in America.

Victor Davis Hanson: Actually 2018 was a pretty good year.

Rep Hank Johnson compares Trump to  Hitler, says supporters have short lifespans and are uneducated.

Flashback: Hank Johnson fears Guam will tip over if it has too many troops on it.

Timperlake: Does China’s Admiral Luo Yuen understand we shoot back?

Brown: David Hogg goes to college.

Malkin: Say his name: RIP Cpl. Ronil Singh.

Davis: Dear Senator Romney…

Lawsuit claims SPLC abetted theft, spread lies to destroy lawyer for ‘thought crime’.  

Cleveland: Mitt Romney’s self-serving attack on Trump stains his own character.

Morabito: 30 transgender regretters come out of the closet.

Coulter: Please no more ‘border security’

Williamson: Repressive Cosmopolitanism.

Allott: Republican’s can win minority voters.

McCullough: Most Trump fans aren’t transactional.

Federer: 10 days that changed history.

Haughton: Anti-fracking = Pro-Russia.

Sumereau:  A wall everyone will love.

Gingrich offers brutal response to Romney Op-Ed.

Man who beat house GOP leader now dean at Liberty university.

Severino: The Dogma lives loudly within you.

Hill:  Trump schools Dems on border security as they block government funding.

22,000 illegal minors crossed the border in December: DHS.

Venezuela’s economic collapse has lessons for American socialists.

A national housing crisis is brewing.  What actions can policy makers take to  head it off?

NBC news veteran leaves network: Says media have become ‘prisoners’.

Potts: The end of everything….or not.

Lopez: When do legal immigrants get to ‘speak out’?

Behrouz & Jafari: Prince Reza Pahlavi: Separating myth from reality.

Hunter: Why the attacks on Donald Trump’s character don’t land.

Elder: Government shutdown: Money,  money everywhere, but not a drop for the wall.

Marsolo: Let’s call Mitt Romney, Mitt McCain Flake.

Brown: NY Times mocks evangelicals – again!

Rush: Why Ocasio-Cortez is allowed to carry the ball.

Herland: The New Libya: The return of Gadhafi?

Rasmussen: Keeping the shutdown in perspective.

Breaking: Pelosi re-elected speaker of the house, which Dems voted against her?

Trump invokes Vatican’s ‘Biggest Wall of All’.

Google shifted $23 billion to tax haven Bermuda in 2017.

Zuckerberg halts FB stock sale as share price plummets due to privacy concerns.

Decorated Navy Seal to face court martial for charges including pre-meditated murder in death of 15 year old Isis fighter.

Manhattan home prices fall under $1 million for first time since 2015.

Man assaulted in NY in I-phone robbery.

London airports order military grade anti-drone equipment.

For Bernie Sanders, claims of sexism hang over 2020 campaign from 2016 bid.

McDonald’s clerk brawls with man over a straw.

Update: Hackers threaten to release ‘secret data’ about 9/11 attacks.

NY Police say ‘Muslim Community Patrol’ car not sanctioned by them.

Showalter: ‘She’ll cut your head off’, Nancy Pelosi wants you to know she’s bloodthirsty.

Petrikat: German and the migrants.

Violent unrest sweeps India as first woman in temple forced into hiding.

Man charged with assaulting 99 year old woman in SF China Town New Year festivities.

Schlichter: Top 10 predictions for 2019, a year that will  make 2018 look sane.

McCarthy: Trump must not give up momentum on border wall.

Skurkiss: Poor Max Boot.

Canto: Harry Reid said what about Trump?

Hellner: the reporting on Trump’s tariffs stays the same, no  matter the results.

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