Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Herland: The West is all about Sex – and much of it deviant.

Price: K-12: Parallels with Venezuela.

Safi: Porn and human trafficking.

Rail: This isn’t a culture war, it’s worse.

Acosta: Journalists should chant: ‘We’re not the enemy of the people in front of the White House’.

Sarah Sanders: I was attacked at a restaurant and mocked for my looks, and it’s the media’s fault.

Farah: Does Trump know how much Google hates him?

Federer: What JFK thought made America great.

Federer: Captured by Cannibals? Not your everyday experience.

Victor Davis Hanson: The American Art of Renewal.

Enraged by Trump bumper sticker, Massachusetts woman rams into mans car.

French: Yes, Anti-White racism exists.

Levy: France, the Nazi’s, and gun control

Fields: Lost in the Deep Blue Sea of fakery.

New York Slimes newest hire sent tons of anti-white racist tweets.

NY Slimes newest editor a white hating bigot. 

Sammin: It’s not white threat harming our politics, it’s tying race to politics.

Schlichter: It is the sacred duty of all conservatives to own the libs.

Hunter: Are we really a fundamentally racist nation?

Vietnam Vet killed by police after fighting off naked intruder who attacked his grandson.

Drowning in debt: These states are approaching a point of no return.

Watch: MSNBC host bans Sanders,  fans herself, ‘makes her sweat’.

Trump and Sulzberger on media bias.

Jerry Falwell Jr. slams Sessions as a phony.

Sessions targets those branding religious groups as ‘hate groups’.

Rush Limbaugh gets huge surprise on 30th anniversary.

Zumwalt: What Rosa Parks would think of Diversity Absurdity.

Elder: Anne Hathaway is making ‘race relations’ worse.

Coulter: ACLU won’t rest until every illegal gets in.

Hatch fed up with Democrat obstructionism.

Curtis: Israel defines itself.

Moran: Congress moves to blunt Trump’s shutdown threat.

4 Dentists accused of raping woman in Las Vegas Suite.

Here’s Ivanka’s ‘low point’. 

Delusional female Don Quixote blocked deportation of man jailed for assault.

‘I’m confused’: Dem senator gets a law lesson from ICE

Black pastor: Trump more pro-black than Obama.

Abortion pill fast tracked by Bill Clinton kills at least 22.

Facebook: Heartwarming ad ‘shocking, sensational, disrespectful’.

See top white nationalist confess he’s a progressive.

Delusional NPR: ‘climate change agenda’ is solution to wildfires.

Debauched Dems demand their questions on 2020 Census.

Chastain: We are to forgive Moonves but crucify Trump.

Brown: Isreal’s looming (cold) Civil War.

Williamson: ICE breakers.

Blackwell: Protecting the integrity of our elections.

Sobieski: 3-D plastic gun hype misfires.

Scaros: Our Statue of Liberty is really more a ‘statute of limitations’. 

Jackson: Government permission to petition.

Lifson: Mueller team signals it may not call it’s star witness against Manafort.

Lifson: Mueller prosecutors go low in Manafort trial and are rebuked by judge.

Showalter: Politico reporter calls Trump supporters ‘garbage people’, then lectures us.

Hakim: Lebron needs to change his game off the court.

Moran: Young Democratic Socialist chapters springing up on campuses.

Dunlap: Eugenics are back and the reasons are as selfish as ever.


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