Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

BREAKING: Trump slams Mueller, urges Sessions to end Witch Hunt NOW!

Walter Williams: Some ideas to think about.

Safi: The porn industry and trafficking reinforce each other.

Blake: How Identity Politics fuels hatred.

Flaherty: The Wicked Witches of Silicon Valley.

Trinko: Freeing people from Left-Wing lies.

This is catastrophic for Democrats.’  Woman gets first refund of union dues.

This is how it feels to have an Alcoholic Relapse.

Farah: Book banners and news controllers.

Farber: Since 1918, 39 socialist nations, 0 successes

Kamala Harris’s rent subsidy would help landlord’s, not renters.

Watch: Trump supporters give rude Jim Acosta a dose of his own medicine.

Trump predicts demise of ‘fake news media’, taunts deluded CNN’s Acosta.

Tommy Robinson Freed!

Cashill: Paramount owes America an apology for Jay-Z’s Trayvon series.

Ward: Lebron James is perpetuating the problem.

27 times people predicted a political catastrophe for Trump that didn’t materialize.

Ellis: Trumpservative nation at a precipice.

Trump in Florida: ‘The time has come for photo ID’ in voting.

Florida governor candidate DeSantis: Civics ‘ignorance’ led to Ocasio-Cortez win. 

DOJ’s religious liberty arm set to investigate the SPLC?

Bruce: Liberals still hysterical over Hillary’s loss get their own ‘disease’.

CNN’s hapless Jim Acosta responds to hecklers: ‘hostility will result in someone getting hurt’.

Connecticut town official kneels for Pledge of Allegiance, met with backlash from community

DHS official on what would happen if Dems do ‘abolish ICE’.

Pope: Sacrificing children for career is ‘idolatry’.

Showalter: What part of ‘illegal’ does Sen. Mazie Hirono not understand?

South Africa to change Constitution to legalize taking away white Farmers land.

Malkin: Free Valentino Dixon

The baseless attack on Marc Short.

D’Souza: White nationalists on left, not on the right.

Charlie Daniels warns NFL: offend handful – or millions

Strzok argued to keep FBI privileges.

Just a ‘crock’, Limbaugh slams FB claim.

More than 450 in Florida ordered to surrender guns.

Muslim immigrant: Nothing wrong with sexually abusing 13 women.

Parker: Trump’s economic renaissance.

Schlafly: Trump right to push back against Koch brothers.

Smith: The strange world of Kavanaugh opposition.

Sandefur: Native American children at risk need protection too.

Shapiro: Being a socialist means never having to say you’re sorry.

Chinese media: U.S. Marines in Taiwan would be ‘invasion of Chinese soil’.

Harsanyi: Let’s debunk the misleading panic over 3-D Guns.

Berryhill: Trump’s economy is destroying Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fantasies.

Hall: The election that creates the most problems.

Syrios: Ending online outrage mobs.

Gottfried: Trump and Carl Schmitt: an Unlikely association.

Lifson: Are the Democrats actually trying to build a bad image of being bad sports?

Skurkiss: Trump Derangement Syndrome at National Review Online.

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