Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Straker: The liberal media are the enemy of the rule of law and civil society.

Last Antifa altercation may forecast worse this weekend in Portland.

Reports: Dianne Feinstein’s personal driver for 20 years was a Chinese Spy.

Parents SHOULD NOT give their children cell phones, under age 11.  Wise parents don’t give kids cell phones under 18.

My son, Osama: The Al-Queda leader’s mother speaks for the first time.

Blackwell: the left wants to control elections in Ohio.

Richards: Why is Trump fighting a trade war?

Markus: 1066 A.D. in 2018

Six times the Obama administration should have appointed a Special Counsel.

Record 155,965,000 employed under Trump.

Hispanic unemployment record low in July.

Farah: Google: King of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Anti-Sharia activist psychologically tortured in British Prison.

Federer: So just why did Columbus sail the ocean blue?

Klavan: Hey media, you started it.

Flashback: Frenzied, angry mob turns on reporters in dangerous altercation.

Delusional Washington Compost: Wringing Sarah Sanders neck different from choking her.

Geller: Unmasking the Creation of “Islamophobia’ in the academy.

Let’s all thank Sarah Jeong for showing us what liberals think of white people.

New York Times defends double standard in hiring writer with a history of explicit, hateful racism directed at whites

The New York Slimes must explain why it’s racial double standard is good for society.

NYT’s Sarah Jeong anti-cop, anti-men tweets.

Warner: Trump and his war on fake news.

Judge Ellis loses patience with Manafort prosecutors, ends court early.

Delusional April Ryan: Jim Acosta’s life was ‘in danger’ at rally.

CNN’s Jim Acosta continues to prove he is a political activist, not a journalist.

Jim Acosta is okay with bullying a woman as long as she’s Sarah Huckaby Sanders.

Pruden: The Derangement virus stalks the land.

Prabhu: How SpyGate is turning Democrats like me against our party.

Multiple people arrested for threatening Republican Representatives Smith and Scalise.

Walsh: If you support abortion, your opposition to the death penalty is idiotic and deranged.

Prager on Western values, Leftist Jews, and censorship.

Green: How to read the news like a pro.

Trump kills Obama’s unhelpful emissions standards.

Diane Black loses Tennessee GOP gubernatorial primary to political newcomer in major upset.

White House: China economy is slipping.

Imani: Iran’s regime is falling apart.

Don’t be evil, unless it’s worth untold new riches.

Survey: many who shun church are believers.

Break the law, get a free plane ticket

Bobby Bowden to Supremes: Let Coach Kennedy pray.

Huckabee-Sanders rejects CNN demand she contradict the President.

David Limbaugh: Congratulations to Rush for 30 remarkable years.

Judge: Twitter can be sued for falsely advertising free speech.

Mercer: White men, Republicans, and other scum.

Buchanan: Would war with Iran doom Trump?

Gornoski: The ‘Starry Night’ House: A win for freedom.

Geraghty: There are a lot of reasons to feel optimistic about America’s Future.

Lowry: the John the Baptist of the Left.

Simon: Are liberals and progressives sabotaging the economy?

Fakebook hires team of psychologists to help snowflake employees deal with objectionable content.

O’Keefe catches Antifa teaching activists to inflict pain

China moves to take part in Syrian Civil War.

Congress: Let’s see Bruce Ohr interviews.

Confusion: Ocasio-Cortez once viewed herself as a capitalist, viewed feminism as a ‘relic’.

Hospitals to post prices online under new Trump administration rule.

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