Thursday, June 5th, 2018

70 instances of media approved violence and harassment against Trump supporters. 

Report: President Trump has made his decision on SCOTUS nominee.

Scott Pruitt resigns as EPA chief. 

Flashback: Hard left activists publish Pruitt’s personal address.

Flashback: Pruitt bans Junk Science from EPA.

Flashback: 43 EPA scandals during the Obama era the media ignored.

Video shows Teen attacked for wearing Make America Great Again hat.

Larry Elder: Did media blame Obama for killing of cops?

Hayward: China’s censorship ideals take root with the American left.

Alexander: Illegal immigration: A Lawless Frankenstein in the ‘Land of Is’.

Amazon top 500 reviewer banned after ‘Gospel’ rave.

Report: Iran imploding before sanctions return.

Victor Davis Hanson: The left can’t come to grips with loss of power.

Schlichter: Should we invade Mexico?

Illegitimate fraud Mueller hiring more prosecutors to continue his bogus Trump witchhunt, spurred on by degenerate Democrats.

RNC spokeswoman warns the morally bankrupt Democrats will try to impeach Trump if they win the House back. 

Hunter: Liberals oppose (insert name here) for Supreme Court.

Can you pass a Department of Homeland Security citizenship test?

Muslim London Mayor approves Anti-Trump Blimp for Trump London visit.

Book Review: ‘Sex matters: How Modern Feminism lost touch with Science, Love, and Common Sense.

Russell: Military sees increase in conflicts over First Amendment Freedoms.

Prentice: The two culture leaders changing today’s world.

Joondeph: Another Hail Mary attempt from the left to deny Trump his SCOTUS pick.

Forest and Rayne: The Sino-Mexican influence in America’s backyard.

Straker: Mark Levin: If Stare Decisis is paramount, put monkeys on the Supreme Court.

FakeNews CNN Ratings Implosion continues.

Engelhardt: Union pressure tactics like their giant rat balloon prove they are not the good guys.

The Firefly – Summer nighttime wonder of the East Coast.

Napolitano: The values underlying Independence Day.

When Hollywood actually loved America.

Gornoski: Media project own bigotry onto Ron Paul

‘To the King’ seal  points to Hezekiah

Conservative actor dropped by liberal talent agent on July 4th, because he was ‘feeling patriotic’.

Dershowitz slams far left, ‘I won’t let the Democrats take my party from me’.

Thomas: Trump supporters compared to cultists.

Japanese American congressman: ‘Hysteria and scapegoating’ in child separations similar to WWII internment.

When July 4th meant defeat by Islam: The Battle of Hattin.

Fields: Men behaving badly are on the run, but we’re still debating what women want.

Facebook flags Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech.

Update: Facebook apologizes for flagging the Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech.

Quinn: the Foxconn plant is a bad deal for Wisconsin taxpayers.

Meyers: Judge Kethledge faithfully applies immigration laws.

If America is so bad, why do they keep coming here?

Watch: Brainwashed, ahistorical, debauched college students not proud to be Americans.

Iranian and Chinese military boost ties, call America ‘biggest threat to humanity’.

Nigeria to Christian farmers: We can’t save you, surrender land to terrorists.

Talcum X: The Fourth of July has always been a sham, always.

33,415 documented Islamic terror attacks worldwide since 9/11.

Mexico’s new President announces absolutely insane plan before taking office.

Marcus: Asian American’s are the tipping point for rejecting Affirmative Action.

Schlesman: It’s preposterous to put the U.S. in the 10 most dangerous countries for women.

Cochran: When the left uses civility as a weapon, drop it and fight back.

Bilek: Transgenderism is just big business dressed up in Civil Rights Cloths.

Trunnell: I just gave up AC to live within my means.  America should try that.

Del Mastro: How today’s concept of ‘Human Rights’ breeds Identity politics.

Sobieski: Dems on SCOTUS pick: Catholics need not apply.

Spencer: Summer causes Climate Change Hysteria.

Dem nightmare deepens as party is ‘underperforming’ among Hispanics.

Walker: How immigrants do and do not help the world.

O’Brien: Liberal hypocrisy: Independence Day Version.

Surge in illegal California Pot shops undercuts legal market.


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