Wednesday, July 4th, 2018.

Bill Federer: We cannot let our nation ‘stumble and fall’

Coulter: Happy Fourth of July, you wonderful country!

Lloyd Marcus: Happy Independence Day, Remembering our Forgotten Founding.

Trump Strong on Fourth of July.

Justice Kennedy V. Cicero, Jefferson, Hamilton, and MLK Jr.

Obama officials threatened with subpoena in Russia probe.

Walter Williams: How colleges destroy black students.

Farah: Happy Independence Day! Trump is taking America back.

Star Parker: The socialist lies of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Malkin: Jahi McMath mattered.

Newcombe: Who died and made the Supreme Court God?

Robert Spencer: A Muslim Professor rewrites history.

Tobin: Liberals sour on the First Amendment.

Kelly: If you don’t believe in limited self government, you aren’t an American patriot.

Smith: You can’t celebrate America’s Independence while vilifying the Founders.

Young: The Constitution is the fulfillment of the Declaration of Independence.

Cooper: Hamilton Vs. Jefferson

Powell: Times Change but the ideas behind Independence day remain.

Noel: What is America?

Goldman: What America can learn from Israel.

Hellner: Happy Fourth  of July, Thank God we are Independent!

In U.S. record low extremely proud to be American.

Flashback: High Ranking KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov 1983 interview: First step of brainwashing is demoralization.

Dems Depressed!  “The way of a transgressor is hard”

Goldberg: Trump must stick to his Supreme Court list.

Parchment copy of Declaration of Independence discovered.

Dems slap SPLC ‘hate smear’ on Trump SCOTUS finalist.

School sued for banishing Shapiro speech to remote location.

DOJ won’t prosecute Pakistani Dem aide for espionage.

Walsh: No virgins in the Grey Ladies Whorehouse.

Amid Supreme Court fight, desperate forces on the left declare open season on the truth.

George Washington’s Fourths of July.

Kearns: On July Fourth, thank the Scots.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court impeccable record of Constitutional Conservatism.

Ponnuru: David Savage keeps misrepresenting Amy Coney Barrett.

Potemra: Born on the Fourth of July.

Trump to Reverse Obama Guideline for Considering Race in College Admissions

Shapiro: What the courts are for.

Stossel: One nation, many individuals.

McAllister: A response to Washington Compost writer who has lost hope in “White America”.

Tracinski: The left celebrates the Fourth by denouncing the First Amendment.

Regan: Illegal immigrants, Palestinian refugees, and their liberal cheerleaders: The startling similarities.

Kirkwood: Liberty, yours, mine, and ours.

Scotto: Trump’s burden, cleaning up Obama’s mess.

Jarratt and Talgo: Gun control threatens America’s natural rights.

Frank: Today’s protest marchers are not heroes.

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