Sunday, July 15th, 2018

Massive Russian Collusion found, but not by Trump!!

Peter Strzok’s arrogance is the product of a corrupt FBI.

Sucher: Decoding the Great Russkie Bust.

Rand Paul lashes out at Mueller: ‘We need to be done’.

Strzok explains how Dossier made it’s way from Democrats to eager FBI.

Hurt: Corrupt Congressman Cohen’s wasted freedom.

Aging Carl Bernstein: Trump’s ‘witch hunt’ defense is dead.

Knight: Living in Revolutionary Times.

Jesse Lee Peterson: Happy White History Month!! Get over your Fear!

Media silent on genetic study defying Evolution.

Trump ferociously pummels “Enemy of the People”

Church attendance up for atheists, down for Christians.

CIA grappling with morality in covert wars.

Ron Paul: Biggest Bubble in the history of the Stock Market.

Simpson: More California crazy laws.

Trump predicts media criticism no matter how the meeting with Russia goes.

From the depths of Hell: Hillary 2020 may be brewing. 

Hunter: A Russian Ham Sandwich.

Gutknecht: Who really colluded?

Fund: Democrats are dumping moderates.

Paris Mayhem after World Cup victory.

Handsy Communist Biden: ‘Trump’s border policies make me feel ashamed’.  Why isn’t he ashamed of the 60 million babies the Democrat party has murdered in the last 45 years?

Masters of the Universe: Google, Facebook, Twitter to testify before House Judiciary Committee.

Maxine’s latest delusion: Trump jealous of America’s worst President in history.

Watkins: Shifting the Roe burden back to Schumer.

Imani: Change is coming to Iran.

Jackson: the Racist Left.

Walker: Defeating leftism is the only victory.

Scribner: Twenty First Century Immigration policy for America.

Feldman: The Donald does Europe.

Hallucinating and Delusional Pot Advocate Cory Booker sez Trump is being harsher on Europe than on Putin and it’s ‘Commander in chief malpractice’.

Trump slaps down Fake News CNN over reporters disrespectful outburst.

NY Slimes: Trump got from NATO everything Obama asked for.

Hillary begins speech: ‘I’m so tired, I can barely stand’.

Republicans praise ‘credible’, ‘less smug’, Lisa Page after hearings.

Trump says EU is a foe, EU president says that is ‘fake news’.

Woman bludgeons Dad to death, thinking he was Demon.

Massachusetts police officer killed after struck with rock, shot with own gun.

Former Clinton White House Staffer: “It’s tempting to beat the crap out of Rand Paul.”

Dunphy: Why Baltimore police have stopped noticing crime.

Identity politics Juggernaut Hillary Clinton sez Kavanaugh could bring back slavery.

Autistic teen beheaded in Alabama over grandmother’s links to Mexican Cartels.

Curtis: The Courts and immigration.

Showalter: Press decries welfare fraudsters with green cards getting deported.

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