Monday, July 16th, 2018

Bomberger: Planned Murderhood kills more blacks in two weeks than the KKK killed in a century.

Breaking update: Instagram censors Bomberger for saying Planned Murderhood murders more blacks than the KKK.

Breaking: Wicked snake Brennan says Trump press conference an impeachable offense, ‘treasonous’. 

Trump: ‘Our relationship had  never been worse [with Russia] but that changed four hours ago.’

Confused Republicans turn friendly fire on Trump. 

The Spiritual Differences between the French Revolution and the American Revolution.

Prager U: Public Union, Public Enemy.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter face Hill Grill over political bias!

Walsh: Our Daughters are not ’empowered’ by vulgar, idiotic pop music.

Brown: It’s 2018 and shame is dead.

Trump-Putin meeting a success, despite traitorous media and Democrats efforts to sabotage it.

Gindler: President and the Ersatz Tsar.

Cleveland: Trump is right, Mueller’s latest indictment suggests he is conducting a witch hunt.

Two Christian Calligraphers face Jail time for not promoting homosexual weddings.

Trump calls corrupt FBI agent a ‘Disgrace to our nation’.

McCarthy: Strzok by a farce.

ICYMI: GOP grilled Lisa Page…increased this GOP Rep’s concern that FBI had desired outcome in Russia probe.

Liberal Reporter: I’m really not sold fake password reset e-mails from Russia are a  hack….or an attack.

Morefield: The Destructive effects of the media’s misleading, racially charged headlines.

Federer: Astronauts: Much Braver than anyone realizes.

Putin declares US-Russia confrontation a ‘vestige of the past’ after meeting with Trump.

Ron Paul: Biggest bubble in history of mankind going to burst. 

Smith: Toxic Femininity and a lack of personal responsibility.

Trinko: the left is always wrong: Election meddling edition.

300 Helsinki billboards paid for by elites, attack Trump and Putin for attacking ‘free’ press.

Union backed substitute teacher who should have been fired, now accused of rape.

Voshell: The transgender mind body split destroys the law.

Why Trump said the European Union is a foe of America.

Sarah Sanders on why the WH cancelled John Bolton’s CNN appearance.

Watch: Ocasio-Cortez attacks Israel, then admits she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Harsanyi: Ocasio-Cortez’s factually challenged position on Israel is embarrassing.

Schlichter: It’s undeniable, Trump is blessed with really stupid enemies.

Hirschauer: 7 practical strategies for addressing America’s mental illness crisis.

Lott: How entertainment shows have become propaganda vehicles for gun control.

Alexander: the Left Wing paradise of SF.

Clancy: Brett Kavanaugh: The end of the leftists world.

Walters: No, ‘Marbury V. Madison’ did not say the Supreme Court gets the final say on Constitutionality.

Fernandez: Worldwide Elites still don’t understand why they keep losing.

Kupelian: Massive Russian collusion found, but not by Trump.

Moment of truth for Google, as record EU fine looms.

Jones: Why the resistance in the state department is a gift to Trump.

Cost: The Supreme Court has been making policy.

SF Mayor: There are more feces in my city than I’ve ever seen before.

Planned Murderhood takes center stage in South Carolina’s election.

Mossad raid on Iran nets thousands of documents on nuclear program.

Murray: Borderline Disorder.

DeAngelis: Trump, Churchill’s chair, and Obama.

Showalter: Does Hillary ever get ‘tard’ of whining?


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