Saturday, July 14th, 2018

Klayman: More Russia Indictments?  INDICT MUELLER!!

Federer: Gerald Ford predicted one problem with our nation.

Global Warming?  2018 year of Lost Summer for Arctic.

Former Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy: Still not basis for Special Counsel.

McCarthy: Strzok by a farce!

Moral Midget Hillary still rabblerousing: Sez GOP ‘Trying to rip the heart out of America’.

Giuliani: Russian Indictments good news for Trump.

Judicial Watch gets first batch of Strzok e-mails.

FBI ignored hacking of Hillary e-mails by foreign entity.

Soros wants to raise your taxes.

D’Souza: Nothing Racial about Trump.

Kavanaugh praised for resisting Judicial activism.

Planned Murderhood: Protect our right to F-bomb whoever the F-bomb we want.

Applebee’s Waitress stabbed after she brushed against Diners leg.

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