Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Victor Davis Hanson: Future “Pres” Hillary, the font of all the scandals.

Walter Williams: Racial Harmony, Leftists would hate it.

Prager: The SPLC against Prager University.

DNA tests at border for parents, kids?

Gowdy rips FBI again: Bias and fairness cannot exist!

For the record: Yes, Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted for willful gross negligence.

Kass: Obama’s silky lie and FBI Bias in the Clinton Investigation

Christian frauds at United Methodist Church condemn member Jeff Sessions over his Christian immigration policies.

Bolyard: Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg: Tell us what you mean by Hate Speech!

He-motional Cummings fights back crocodile tears urging GOP colleagues to abandon Zero-tolerance policy. 

Dow tumbles, wipes out entire years worth of gains, over trade war fears with Trump’s tariff’s on China. 

Trump digs in: Dems want illegal immigrants to infest our country!

Nets flood broadcasts with separated kids coverage: 176 minutes!!

Trump threatens new tariffs on an additional $200 billion of Chinese products.

Home price insanity: $2.6 million for a 900 sq. ft. cottage in Palo Alto.

In flight sexual assaults are on the rise.

Journalist plays tape of sobbing children during DHS directors press conference.

Cable news: 22 comparisons of immigrant policy to slavery, Holocaust.

Cigarette smoking reaches new low in America. 

13 Facts the media “pros” don’t want you do know about family border separation.

DHS Nielson defends law as media mob urges lawlessness.

Nielson corrects media lies: Bush, Obama all separated families at border.

Blatant discrimination at Harvard.

Komrade Kamala: Following the immigration law “Not reflective of who we are”.

DiFi Denial: “We don’t take kids from parents until now”.

Logis: IG report confirms existential threat to our Republic.

Dershowitz: ACLU denying core civil liberties.

Trump: Fake News media helping smugglers and traffickers.

Steve King: Trump should veto lame duck amnesty bill. 

Mexico: U.S. Zero Tolerance violates  human rights. 

Celebrity meltdown over Trump upholding immigration law.

McCarthy: Clinton e-mails: What the IG report refuses to admit.

Breaking: Democrats reject legislative fix to stop family separations.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot promises dying teen to outlaw abortion. 

Horrifying photos of Obama’s illegal alien facilities the media refuses to show you.

Trump to business owners: Southern border lawlessness hurts U.S. economy.

Trinko: The IG report: They are guilty, but it’s ok. 

Chantrill: Hello Investigative Double Standards

Smith: Americans need plain sight: the IG report hides the truth.

The defining characteristic of the White House press corps: They don’t listen

Hawkins: the five worst immigration arguments.

Judicial watch sues to uncover Obama’s secret refugee deals.

Mangual: Elizabeth Warren’s criminal justice illiteracy.

Shapiro: Media dishonesty on immigration contributes to gridlock.

Fl. Senate: Bill Nelson is in big, big trouble!

Hawkins: 7 truths liberals will never acknowledge on immigration.

NPR hammered online for dishonest tweets.

$40,000 fine for $200 minor offense? 

Newcombe: Marriage: The dream that will not die.

Undocumented alien kills two women in Miami, leaves bodies on street.

Transgender activists go ballistic over fair Atlantic article.

Lopez: Sleazy sex games and politics at the Southern Baptist Convention.

Feinstein: Your ship has just come in.

Moran: West Point cadet who advocated for Communism discharged from the Army.

Strzok text ‘We’ll stop’ Trump presidency was deeply buried, requiring extensive forensic efforts to recover it

Portland helps buy homes for people but only if they’re black

US, China inch toward all-out trade war

The creepy FBI backstory to explain why the OIG’s conclusion was so wimpy

Democrats: Experts at separating families

Trump-haters dragging out the Nazi canard again

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