Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Rising suicide rate cause for concern.

More evidence of internet  cabal’s far left goal line.

Spalding: A tale of two commencements addresses, Hillary and Solzhenitsyn. 

Rodney Howard-Browne & Paul L. Williams: Uncle Same was murdered.

Federer: Andrew Jackson: Talk about a tough childhood.

Limbaugh: Trump’s fake news claim totally justified. 

Put aside devices, take time for solitude…

Victor Davis Hanson: Europe’s vanishing calm.

Limbaugh site hit with “Deceptive” warning. 

Herland: Social disorder and Christian decline.

Why intelligence agencies abuse of power should be a litmus test for the right. 

Elder: Black motorists lying to cops—who is doing the racial profiling. 

Horvat II: Good times return, but not babies.

The demonization of whites by Mrs. Bill Gates and others.

Sobieski: Trade deficits paying for China military buildup. 

Trinko: The corruption of science.

New DOJ report: 1 in 5 federal prisoners are illegal aliens.

You’re fired: Mulvaney fires entire CFPB advisory board.

Hunter: There is nothing liberalism won’t ruin. 

Ron Paul: Cashless society very dangerous.

3 lessons for your kids from Robin Williams suicide.

Google car for liftoff.

Putin warns World War 3 will be the end of civilization. 

Steve King sounds alarm: Establishment stampeding towards amnesty cliff.

House GOP in 11th hour attempts for immigration reform.

NASA: building blocks for life found on Mars.

Kate Spade meds

FEC Dem who targeted Drudge admits agency biased against Republicans. 

Mag: Dems are totally blowing it. 

Progressives: Stop comparing immigrants to gang members.

McCarthy: Andrew McCabe seeks immunity….for what?

Geraghty: Bill Clinton’s lessons. 

Restaurant bans professor for rant against white kids. 

Pullman: 7 takeaways from ACLU spin following their Masterpiece cakeshop loss. 

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