Friday, June 8th, 2018

Bourdain found dead at 61.

Another celebrity suicide.

How College literally drives kids nuts.

Bombshell: Iran admits to facilitating 9/11. 

Suicides up to tenth place for leading causes of death.  One of three, including Alzheimer’s and drug overdoses, that are increasing.

Justice department seizes reporters phone and e-mail records in leak investigation. 

Trump: No White House invitation for Curry, James, or their teams. 

WALSH: What Really Lies At The Root Of Our Culture’s Suicide Epidemic

Battle for Religious Liberty Continues After Supreme Court Win for Christian Baker: Congresswoman Dianne Black

Pelosi freezes during simple math problem:  63-15 is 47…right?

Atlanta Sex-Trafficking Sting Results In Hundreds Of Rescued Children And Arrests, Report Says

Tommy Robinson disappears: Free speech in England is dead.

Ireland opens door to demographics disaster.

China and the clash of civilizations.

Mata Hari journalism? Veteran Senate Intelligence Committee staffer, in romantic relationship with NYT reporter, arrested in probe of leaks

What the NBA can teach Justice Kennedy.

The lawless, porn-respecting , MS-13-loving, humorless American left

The End of Merit

Progressive Jihad on the Prairie

What I Learned About ‘Progressives’ When I Came to America

You Don’t Get To Rewrite the Constitution Because You Dislike Donald Trump

56 lawmakers call for investigation into Planned Murderhood after sex abuse cover up.

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