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Jordan lambastes lying FBI director Rosenstein.  Democrats run interference to hide their criminal wrongdoing. 

Multiple people shot at newspaper in Annapolis

Federer: Why politicians aren’t the Fittest People for the Job!

Federal Cops move in on radical leftist ICE demonstrators in Portland to restore order to the lawless leftist lemmings. 

Chowka: ICE at bay: Siege at Portland continues as copycat insurrections spread nationwide.

ICE barricades DC headquarters to prevent protester “occupation”.

DHS agents interrupt news conference between lamestream media and delusional ICE “whistleblower”. 

Ahistorical Cortez, trying to destroy the nation with socialism.  The dangerous delusion of socialism is upon us, and the badly misinformed millennials are trying to immediately move upon the ignorance and corruption they were raised with.

Trump to “extremist” Democrats: We will not tolerate attacks on “courageous” ICE agents, Border patrol.

More evidence to disprove the liberal fairy tale of the “Noble Savage”.  Aztec “Skull Tower” revealed.  Archaeologists say THOUSANDS of still beating hearts were cut out of victims, then their heads were severed and added to a grisly monument. 

Liberal Meltdown over Kennedy retirement.

Democrat wailing over Kennedy retiring.  The virtuous rejoice, the corrupt mourn. 

The Day conservatives have been waiting for on SCOTUS.

Another SCOTUS selection for Trump?

Hollyweird implodes over Kennedy retirement.  Debauched and uninformed stars shriek hysterically.

No, THANK YOU, Harry Reid!

Wagner: SCOTUS pick: How Trump pick can remedy decades old Democrat racism

6  rulings that could be overturned by a Post Kennedy SCOTUS.

The Rundown: Here is what you need to know about Trump’s top five nominees.

Pro life leader Lila Rose issues bold statement on abortion after Kennedy retirement.

Deranged left plans full scale assault on Trump nominee.

Mike Lee puts himself back in running for SCOTUS.

Trump’s SCOTUS legacy could top Reagans.

French: What should America expect from a more originalist SCOTUS.

Good Riddance, Justice Kennedy.

Filozof: As Trump replaces Kennedy, time for some conservative judicial activism.

Huffy Puffy posts a picture of a cloths hanger, as Left mourns the threat to their ability to barbarously murder babies.

Hunter: The liberal mob won’t stop until someone gets killed, and then only maybe.

Larry Elder: Criminal behavior, not racism, explains “racial disparities” in crime stats.

Coulter: Country overboard! Women and children last!

Hurt: The New Civil War is upon us.

Ahistorical, radical communist in training Cortez wants to be President!!

Canadian Bus Driver arrested two years later for criticizing homosexuality.

London: Solzhenitsyn: 40 years later!

Hall: On the financial ‘wisdom’ of attending today’s colleges.

Herring: We are seeing the violence of the ’60’s again, but worse.

Victor Davis Hanson: Progressives should back up their rhetoric on illegal immigration.

Jones: ‘Hotel California’ and America’s decomposing values.

Weir: What’s the meaning of truth?

Wilhelm: No really, delete your accounts!

Gowdy obliterates Rosenstein over Russia investigation.

Jordan tells Rosenstein he has “a week to get his act together” over totally bogus Mueller investigation. 

Countries largest newspapers eliminate conservative sources.  Ideological purity a must in companies run by leftist tyrants.

Trump-Putin Summit set.

Cortez New Face of left.  Typifies the “Dumbest Generation”.  Ahistorical, with lots of enthusiasm for ideas they don’t understand.

Read “The Dumbest Generation” to understand the 18-29 liberals.

Cortez, the latest of the deluded, corrupt, and indoctrinated Democrat Pols who favor impeachment for no other reason than they don’t like Trump.

Cortez wants to move nation forward-doesn’t realize she’s headed forward right off a cliff into socialism and communism.

China caps film star pay, good example for idolatrous Americans who worship athletes and entertainers for no reason. 

Venezuela’s failing dictator Maduro calls Pence a “Poisonous Viper”.

Feds to begin distributing grant money to non-sanctuary cities.

Just 23% of adults get enough exercise.

WaPo: Tribal identities replace ideology in Dem Primaries.

Pelosi: Progressive activists call me “corporate pawn”

Expert: China refuses refugees due to belief in “ethnic superiority”.

Top 4 Democrat candidates for Prez in 2020 revealed. Hilarity ensues.

Watch: Ami Horowitz speaks with senior HAMAS leader in wild interview.

Justice Robert’s stomps on Sotomayor’s “wholly inapt” Travel ban dissent.

Schlichter: It is terrible to be a liberal in 2018, which is a good thing!

McCullough: The Bluer the Dems, the more Trump wins.

Klavan: Leftist justices don’t like the law.

The Democrats go full Venezuela.

For ‘migrants’ and ‘asylum’ spoofers, the parties nearly over.

Fields: Defining Deviancy down.

Domenech: Anthony Kennedy: The most important voter in America.

5 Questions the Cortez upset poses for Democrats.

Blake: 3 years of experience have only proved Obergefell was a huge mistake.

Noel: The left’s alternate universe.

Sobieski: SCOTUS echoes Jefferson on Dues and Don’ts

Feinstein: Donald Trump and the Supreme Court’s future.

Showalter: You know things are bad for the left when they start calling each other racists.

Favish: There is something “fishy” about one of Trump’s SCOTUS nominees.

DeAngelis: Silent Obama sends a message.

Dodd: The forces of political hate are waxing. 

James: Maxine in Dunceland.

Smith: The Democrats are done pretending to be moderate.

Lowry: The tawdry and dumb “Nazi” charge.

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