Sunday June 3rd, 2018


New browser created to hide your personal details. 

The Muslim Authoritarian Mentality. 

Rudy shocker: Trump has power to pardon himself.

Growing forces oppose presidential subpoena

Adams: Politically correct child molestation. 

Federer: More evidence we are a Christian Nation.

Devin Nunes warns Google may need to testify if Anti-GOP search results keep showing up.

Devin Nunes hammers Twitter for censoring Drudge Report.

White House moves to head off historic subpoena.

Tommy Robinson and our free speech rights.

Portland bakery fires two employees for refusing service to a black woman after closing time.

Oklahoma becomes 8th state to be banned under California’s ridiculous and absurd travel ban based on nonsensical sexual orientation.

James Clapper: A lying charlatan.

Curtis: Harmony and discord in Italy.

Talgo and Jarratt: Government can’t cure our education problem, only parental choice can.

Trump to host Ramadan dinner.
Islam: A religion of peace.

New Italian government vows to create jobs, deport migrants. 

May Jobs reports great for everyone – except Democrats running for office.

Britain says militant Islamic threat to stay high, may rise. 

Dowd: Obama is just too good for us. 

Turnoff: Netflix popularity plummets among Republicans.

NASA chief Bridenstine: China pulling ahead of U.S. in some aspects of space race. 

Santorum: Obama exacerbated racism in America.

People are seeking overthrow of entire regime in Iran. 

Trans student invades boys bathroom: “because I can”. 

California clears way for personal flamethrowers. 

Hunter: Liberals (once again) exempt themselves from the rules.

McCullough: That time we lost our First Amendment right to free speech.

Raleigh: Tommy Robinson’s arrest shows it’s time for Britain to save itself from PC culture.

Bialosky: Intolerance of the left blossoms under guise of attacking Trump for intolerance. 

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