Monday, June 4th, 2018

Trump: I can pardon self. 

STD’s rampant in America, particularly in liberal California.

Watch Video: Free Speech under attack in California!

Breaking: SCOTUS rules for Colorado baker who refused to bake cake for homosexual wedding!!!!

SCOTUS scolds Colorado for showing hostility to religion. 

Political violence in the streets of downtown Portland as Antifa battles Patriot Prayer Group. 

Italy’s Salvini: “The good times for illegals are over.  Get ready to pack your bags!!

Klukowski: Sitting presidents cannot be prosecuted or forced to testify.

Heather MacDonald: Rage and Race at Yale

Jesse Lee Peterson: Roseanne’s lynching is an insult to blacks.

Ludwig: Erotic manias and disappearing fathers. 

Rail: Cleaning up after Obama and Hillary.

Kashuv, Grant, Devlin: Five tips for young conservative activists. 

Knight: An Orwellian gagging of the media. 

Of course Obama’s race protected him from negative media coverage. 

U.K.: 40% of terrorists jailed in last decade will be back on streets by end of 2018. 

Billy Jeff interview gone ugly.

Broaddrick: Why didn’t NBC ask Bill about when he raped me?

Democrat rep: Mark Zuckerberg lied to Congress. 

Bernie attacks Disneyland.  One man who believes in socialism fairytales attacks one of the biggest producers of fairytales in America. 

Kirchick: The roots of Russian aggression.  Don’t blame the West.

Victor Davis Hanson: California and Conservatism.

SCOTUS throws out case of illegal alien right to abortion. 

Chuck Norris: My Commencement speech address.

Bill Clinton: I don’t owe Monica an apology.

Schlichter: Conservatives must build their own culture, or be exiles in their own society. 

Morefield: To avoid a 30 year old squatter, teach your kids the value of work. 

Blackwell: The internet sales tax: a threat to federalism and small businesses.

Jacob: The First (and most important) First Amendment.

Haskins: California’s newest assault on religious liberty (and adoptions)

Henry: Why MSNBC doesn’t fire Joy Reid, even though it’s obvious she is a liar. 

Boyd: The HuffPost ruined an entire family for one person’s tweet.

Gleason: No evangelicals don’t want the Middle East destabilized to bring about Armageddon. 

Manheimer: Three Climate Change Questions

Marcus: Life with father, a dying breed.

Sullivan: Socialism begets Socialists.

Curtis: The question of genocide

Showalter: Google up to it’s old tricks, Nunes has a bead on them. 

Moran: Bill Clinton: If it were a Democrat president, impeachment hearings would have started. 

Lifson: Italy’s government battles Soros. 

Klavan: the Democrats descend into farce.

Malor: SCOTUS’ missed opportunity with Masterpiece cakeshop decision. 

Bill Clinton: Metoo?

Billy Jeff say’s he wuz the real victim. 

Clinton book backfire. 

Woman rejects taxi driver’s offers to come in her home, he rewards her by lighting her doormat on fire. 

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