Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews: Volume 1 Jewish Role in the Slave Trade & Volume 2 How Jews gained control of the Black American economy

The filmmakers of the resistance front should show the world how Zionism benefitted from the Black Slave Trade

“…Ubele stated: The Zionists and the Israeli government, which is actually their base and center, do not want people to know anything about the truth of the Black Slave Trade [1], because if a decision were to be made in a world court, judgements would be issued against Israel and many powerful Jews around the world.

They would have to pay trillions of dollars and this is the greatest vulnerability of the Jews. Filmmakers can show the importance of this issue to the world by producing videos and films about the Black Slave Trade [2], [3], [4] …”



[1] Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Letter To ADL’s Abraham Foxman

[2] The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume 1: The Jewish Role in the Enslavement of the African

[3] The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume 2: How Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy

[4] Jews Selling Blacks: Slave Sale Advertising by American Jews

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