The word “virus” comes from the word “poison” which is what it meant when invented.

The word “virus” comes from the word “poison” which is what it meant when invented.

The myth of a “virus” was invented by Louis Pasteur. Louis Pasteur tried to prove it, but after his death his family released his journals where he admitted to poisoning his subjects to induce flu-like symptoms because his experiments to prove it failed.

Today, it has been conclusively proven by virologists – medical doctors – that the entire field of virology is a fraud. No virus has ever been isolated. The procedure was pushed through and completely ignored the normal way of isolating an organism. When looking for a “virus”, the subject is injected with a mass of aborted cow fetus cells and a mixture of poison and then they say they found a “virus” without isolating it.

Koch’s Postulates (necessary to prove any illness) are COMPLETELY IGNORED in the field of virology, because there are no viruses and Koch’s Postulates fail therefore proving that viruses do not exist.

This is why there is no cure for a virus – not because they “mutate”, but because they do not exist and the procedure for checking to find one is an absolute fraud that ignored Koch’s Postulates.

The pictures of coronavirus you see are 99% CGI and 1% pictures of exosomes, the body’s natural defense against poison. When the body releases exosomes, it induces flu-like symptoms. The body releases exosomes to counteract poison in the body. A multi-billion dollar industry around “viruses” including vaccines which cause most of the diseases like Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), are all based on a complete fraud.

The symbol for modern medicine is a snake on a pole. This is a symbol of witchcraft used by sorcerers. It’s satanic. Modern medicine is a fraud and virology is a hoax for profit and death. The CDC says that “all vaccines cause harm”, and they are right. Vaccines are poison and do nothing for the body, only harm it in defense of something that doesn’t exist. For money

Warburg Family. Jewish Architects of the Jewish World Order

James is the son of Paul Warburg, a Rothschild associate. The Rothschild, Warburg, and Schiff Jewish banking families were close in Germany over a century ago. Paul Warburg was the architect of the American Federal Reserve (started in 1913). He also created the Council on Foreign Relations in 1920 (CFR, which still works hard to create a Jewish World Government.

Paul Warburg’s brother was Felix Warburg, who married Frieda Schiff, the daughter of Jacob Schiff, another Rothschild associate. Jacob Schiff was one of the wealthiest men in America and was a driving force behind the Federal Reserve. Leon Trotsky stayed at Schiff’s NY mansion and trained. Schiff gave Trotsky $20 million to fund the Bolshevik Revolution, which murdered the Tsar of Russia and the Romanov family and went on to murder 40 million Russians.

Paul Warburg’s other brother was Max Warburg, who controlled the German Secret police in World War 1. He was the one responsible for letting Trotsky and Lenin into Germany and ferrying them into Russia to begin their brutal communist Revolution.

Notice that Jewish-controlled Wikipedia tells you little to nothing about this. They don’t mention who Paul’s family was.

If you read about Felix, you’d have no idea he was Paul’s brother.

Books to read on this.