Celebrating a Jewish Victory in Pennsylvania

If you go to the Breitbart or Fox News sites, you can see the glee expressed on those pages regarding the resignation of University of Pennsylvannia President Liz Magill due to her failure to condemn antisemitism during recent Congressional testimony. As a result of this “failure,” UPenn had mega donors freeze nearly $100 Million in donor commitments until she was gone. The celebratory coverage included warnings to the presidents of the two other elite schools, Harvard and MIT, regarding their presidents’ respective futures if they did not do more to suppress pro-Palestinian activism on campus. As of right now, there is no indication they will resign. Dig further and you will learn why. 

The president of Harvard is a black woman. The president of MIT is a Jewish woman. The president of UPenn was a White woman. In other words, despite being accused of similar dismissive behaviors toward the “plight” of Jews in Israel, the White woman was the only one forced to resign. 

Of course, the matter gets even deeper and demonstrably more anti-White when you scratch below the surface. For years, universities have openly argued for the eradication of White people – especially White Christians. They have openly railed against White societies and Western Civilization. Yet, your tax dollars continued to fund an education system that taught “others” and your own children to hate White people. 

At no time did a Republican Congress pull a university president into a committee hearing to discuss anti-White animus. To my knowledge, not a single mega-donor withheld funds over anti-White vitriol. To date, I have yet to have read of a university president forced to resign for not addressing anti-White hatred. 

Keep digging deeper and you see that not only have the “power of the purse” Republicans continued to fund anti-White indoctrination, mega donors have done the same. The symbolism of the elite university presidential position seems to have gone largely ignored. That is not a surprise. After all, university presidents are primarily figureheads, with important but nominal day to day functions. Rather, their role as the university’s “head of state” is critical toward ensuring donor funds continue to come into the university while acting as symbols of the expressed ideological positions of the university. Liz Magill was the only non-Jewish, White president of an Ivy League university. 

Of the eight leaders of the country’s most prestigious universities, every other president was either racially non-White (Harvard & Columbia) or Jewish by means of birth or marriage. The only one who was not happened to be the president of UPenn. After her resignation, within hours, she was replaced immediately by Jenny Martinez, a Hispanic lawyer who is married to a Jewish man. 

The statement is obvious. The Ivy League universities are now conquered completely. Anti-Jewish rhetoric will not be tolerated. Anti-White indoctrination will be celebrated and well funded. You – the average White person with no advocates – will see the increased promotion of anti-White, pro-Jewish content peddled toward your children in the form of state exams even if you home school. Why? Because the Ivy League controls the content that underlies the necessary accreditation of an education whether it is in a public school, a Catholic school, or at home. Watch as that accelerates. 

Meanwhile, the Jewish supremacists have scored a massive psychological victory in Pennsylvania. They proved, yet again, they could remove White people at will, even politically connected ones like Magill. It may seem like nothing superficially, but it is hardly “nothing.” Jews wielded the power of the donor purse to remove a university president. Neither Republicans nor White mega donors have done the same to defend against anti-White hatred on campuses. 

Your “conservative” outlets are celebrating it. Average White people are ignoring it. But the reality of this latest Jewish win is that it is yet another score in the long march toward the end of Western Civilization – and nothing is being done about it.


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