Wolfgang Eggert — Jewish Doomsday Cult Controls West, Plots WW3


Twenty years ago German historian Wolfgang Eggertwarned us that the Rothschilds belong to a fanatical doomsday cult that is planning to instigate a world war to cleanse the world of non-Satanists


Historian Predicted Cabalist Plot to Exterminate Goyim in 2003 

Lubavitcher tzaddikMenachem Schneerson (1902-1994) said Cabalists (Illuminati) would implement Biblical prophecy of Armageddon in order to hasten the return of the Messiah and establish Jewish supremacy.  Twenty years ago German historian Wolfgang Eggert warned us that the Rothschilds belong to this fanatical doomsday cult


“All human history is about Messianic-satanic Judaism(“Chassidim”); they´re “making” it happen. History and politics are a big movie, and they are the directors, bringing old-testament-prophecy into reality.”

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Eggert focused on a  contrived nuclear war. Neither of us foresaw a contrived pandemic with a bioweapon “vaccine.”

Updated from 2003 by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

A Munich-based historian Wolfgang Eggert, 54, believes orthodox Jews called Chasidim want to instigate a nuclear holocaust to fulfill Biblical prophesy.

He thinks these religious fanatics must be exposed. The largest Chasidim group, the Chabad Lubavitcher sect want to hasten Armageddon which they believe is a prerequisite for the Messiah’s return. Eggert quotes a Lubavitcher rabbi who says:”the world is waiting for us to fulfill our role in preparing the world to greet Moshiach” (i.e. Messiah.) 
(Wolfgang Eggert, left) 
“All human history is about Messianic-satanic Judaism (“Chassidim”); they´re “making” it happen. History and politics are a big movie, and they are the directors, bringing old-testament-prophecy into reality. They captured Freemasonry by building up the Illuminati (through Rothschild/Jacob Frank/Weishaupt); they made a pact with the British monarchy when they financed William III to become king; they placed the British royals at the head of the Freemasons; they made the modern banking system and the Fed (through Rothschild); they made Zionism, the world wars, the European Union and so on. They reign through their puppets Rothschild (whose ancestors had been part of the Chassidic cult) and Rockefeller, who were the guiding force behind Bilderberg, the trilateral etc. We are now in the “End Times”; they are trying to foment a “prophesied” Third World War.

Eggert believes both Germany and Israel are in the Chasid cross-hairs. “Germany, because the Hassidim are reading from the Bible/Talmud, that this country is an enemy of the Jews and must be killed. Israel has to burn for bringing the prophecy of Armageddon into reality. In addition, they are repeating a Machiavellian, strategic “trick”: the sacrifice of the European Jews in the Second World War (“shoah”) which brought them their own country- Israel. The sacrifice of the Israeli Jews shall bring them the international approval to be masters of a united world “republic”, that will be governed from Jerusalem, which, again, is being “prophesied,” by Jahwe.”


While the Chabad Lubavitchers are his focus, Eggert is also concerned about Christian Evangelists like Jack Van Impe, left, and Timothy LaHaye who believe war is the will of God. The Books of Ezekiel, and Daniel in the OT, and Revelation in the New Testament prophesied Armageddon. Their desired scenario includes the destruction of the al-Aqsa mosque, the restoration of the Third Temple on its site; the rising to heaven of the 144,000 Chosen Ones; the battle of Armageddon; mass death among Israeli Jews and the Final Coming of Jesus Christ.   


According to Alison Weir, there are approximately 3,600 Chabad institutions in over 1,000 cities in 70 countries and 200,000 adherents. Up to a million people attend Chabad services at least once a year. Numerous campuses have such centers and the Chabad website states that hundreds of thousands of children attend Chabad summer camps.

(l. Schneerson in later life.) 

According to the NY Times, Schneerson “presided over a religious empire that reached from the back streets of Brooklyn to the main streets of Israel and by 1990 was taking in an estimated $100 million a year in contributions.

Schneerson believes Jews are the acme of Creation: “The general difference between Jews and non-Jews: A Jew was not created as a means for some [other] purpose; he himself is the purpose since the substance of all [divine] emanations was created only to serve the Jews.”

Jews are the purpose of Creation. “The important things are the Jews, because they do not exist for any [other] aim; they themselves are [the divine] aim.”

“The entire creation [of a non-Jew] exists only for the sake of the Jews.”

When Schneerson died in 1994, he was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for his contribution to “global morals.” According to Schneerson, Jews are the Priests while the Noahide Laws provide “a religion for the rank and file.” 

Eggert quotes another Lubavitcher rabbi: “When examining the chain of frightening events [since 9-11] with a Chassidic eye, we see that the US is being pushed toward fulfilling its historic role of teaching the Sheva Mitzvos [i.e. Noahide laws] to the world.”  

According to Eggert, Freemasons have always called themselves “Noachids” and incorporated the statutes into their Constitution as early as 1723. 


(Trump met with Chabad leaders last Monday March 26)


If you look, you can find pictures of many major politicians in the West posing with this sect. This website features more than a dozen of them.  In this YouTube, the Chief Rabbi of the Chabad boasted of his rapport with Vladimir Putin. Eggert says Putin’s mother is Jewish, which makes him Jewish, and that President Medvedev is Jewish on both sides.  

Eggert, who studied History and Politics at universities in Berlin and Munich, is the author of eight books on hidden history. While he believes that modern history is dominated by the Cabalistic plot to fulfill Biblical Prophesy, he is careful to distinguish between the Lubavitchers and other Chasidim called “Satmar” who think it is a crime to “force God’s hand” and “hasten the redemption.”

However, the Lubavitchers seem to be in control. 

“Every part of modern history is linked to another and in itself to Zionism, state intelligence, lodges and alike. Without the Balfour declaration, there would have been no revolution in Russia and no American entry into World War One … We may start at any historical point (even with the American revolution or farther back Oliver Cromwell) [and] we´ll see, that the maker (or profiteer) of all this is Cabalistic Judaism. All serve their plan, to implement biblical prophecy.” 

Eggert cites World Zionist VP Max Nordau’s speech at the 1903 Zionist Convention predicting “a future World War [and] peace conference where with the help of England a free and Jewish Palestine will be created.” ( Eggert, “Israel’s Geheimvatikan” Vol.2, pp.21-22)

He says the Zionists sabotaged Germany in WWI (strikes, revolts) because it wouldn’t play ball on Israel. He cites a book in Hebrew, “The Historical Moment” by M. Gonzer: “We even find nations who are slow on the uptake and who find it difficult to understand certain relations unless the Rebbe–that is world history–gives them some sensible bashes which make them open their eyes.” (Israel’s Geheimvatikan, vol. 1, p.47.)

——–Today (June 3) Eggert cites James Forrestal’s diary saying Jewish bankers forced England into WW2—-
December 1945 Pg. 128-129
Played golf today with Joe Kennedy [Joseph P. Kennedy, who was Roosevelt’s Ambassador to Great Britain in the years
immediately before the war]. I asked him about his conversa­tions with Roosevelt and Neville Chamberlain from 1938 on. He said Chamberlain’s position in 1938 was that England had nothing with which to fight and that she could not risk going to war with Hitler. Kennedy’s view: That Hitler would have fought Russia without any later conflict with England if it had not been for Bullitt’ s [William C. Bullitt, then Ambassador to France] urging on Roosevelt in the summer of 1939 that the Germans must be faced down about Poland; neither the French nor the British would have made Poland a case of war if it had not been for the constant needling from Washington. Bullitt, he said, kept telling Roosevelt that the Germans wouldn’t fight, Kennedy that they would, and that they would overrun Europe. Chamberlain, he says, stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war. 

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Israel’s Culture of Deceit

Washington DC — (Scheerpost) — Israel was founded on lies. The lie that Palestinian land was largely unoccupied. The lie that 750,000 Palestinians fled their homes and villages duringtheir ethnic cleansing by Zionist militias in 1948 because they were told to do so by Arab leaders. The lie that it was Arab armies that started the 1948 war that saw Israel seize 78 percent of historic Palestine. The lie that Israel facedannihilation in 1967, forcing it to invade and occupy the remaining 22 percent of Palestine, as well as land belonging to Egypt and Syria.

Israel is sustained by lies. The lie that Israel wants a just and equitable peace and will support a Palestinian state. The lie that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. The lie that Israel is an “outpost of Western civilization in a sea of barbarism.” The lie that Israel respects the rule of law and human rights.

Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinians are always greeted with lies. I heard them. I recorded them. I published them in my stories for The New York Times when I was the paper’s Middle East Bureau Chief.

I covered war for two decades, including seven years in the Middle East. I learned quite a bit about the size and lethality of explosive devices. There is nothing in the arsenal of Hamas or Islamic Jihad that could have replicated the massive explosive power of the missile that killed an estimated 500 civilians in the al-Ahli Arab Christian Hospital in Gaza. Nothing. If Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) had these kinds of missiles, huge buildings in Israel would be rubble with hundreds of dead. They don’t.

The whistling sound, audible on the video moments before the explosion, appears to come from the high velocity of a missile. This sound gives it away. No Palestinian rocket makes this noise. And then there is the speed of the missile. Palestinian rockets are slow and lumbering, clearly visible as they arch in the sky and then tumble in free fall toward their targets. They do not strike with precision or travel at close to supersonic speed. They are incapable of killing hundreds of people.

The Israeli military dropped “roof knocking” rockets with no warheads on the hospital in the days leading up to the Oct. 17 strike, the familiarwarning given by Israel to evacuate buildings, according to al-Ahli hospital officials. Hospital officials also said they had received calls from Israel saying “we warned you to evacuate twice.” Israel has demanded that all hospitals in northern Gaza be evacuated.

Following the strike on the hospital, Hananya Naftali, a “digital aide” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, posted on X, formerly Twitter: “Israeli Air Force struck a Hamas terrorist base inside a hospital in Gaza.” The post was quickly deleted.

Since the Oct. 7 incursion into Israel by Palestinian resistance fighters, which reportedly left some 1,300 Israelis dead, many of them civilians, and saw some 200 kidnapped as hostages and taken to Gaza, Israel has carried out 51 attacks on healthcare facilities in Gaza that have killed 15 healthcare workers and injured 27, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Out of 35 hospitals in Gaza, four are not functioning due to severe damage and targeting. Only eight of the 22 UNRWA primary healthcare centers are “partially functional,” the WHO says.

The brazenness of Israeli lies stunned those of us who reported from Gaza. It did not matter if we had seen the Israeli attack, including the shooting of unarmed Palestinians. It did not matter how many witnesses we interviewed. It did not matter what photographic and forensic evidence we obtained. Israel lied. Small lies. Big lies. Huge lies. These lies came reflexively and instantly from the Israeli military, Israeli politicians and Israeli media. They were amplified by Israel’s well-oiled propaganda machine and repeated with a cloying sincerity on international news outlets.

Israel engages in the kinds of jaw-dropping lies that characterize despotic regimes. It does not deform the truth, it inverts it. It paints a picture that is diametrically opposed to reality. Those of us who have covered the occupied territories have run into Israel’s Alice-in-Wonderland narratives, which we dutifully insert into our stories — required under the rules of American journalism — although we know they are untrue.

Israel has invented an Orwellian lexicon. Children killed by Israelis become children caught in crossfire. The bombing of residential districts, with dozens of dead and wounded, becomes a surgical strike on a bomb-making factory. The destruction of Palestinian homes becomes the demolition of the homes of terrorists.

The Big Lie — Große Lüge — feeds the two reactions Israel seeks to elicit — racism among its supporters and terror among its victims. The Big Lies fosters the myth of a clash of civilizations, a war between democracy, decency and honor on one side and Islamic terrorism, barbarism and medievalism on the other.

George Orwell in his novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” called the Big Lie “doublethink”. Doublethink uses “logic against logic” and “repudiate[s] morality while laying claim to it.” The Big Lie abolishes nuances, ambiguities and contradictions that can plague conscience. It is designed to create cognitive dissonance. It permits no gray zones. The world is black and white, good and evil, righteous and unrighteous. The Big Lie allows believers to take comfort — a comfort they are desperately seeking — in their own moral superiority even as they abrogate all morality. It feeds, what Edward Bernays called, the “logic-proof compartment of dogmatic adherence.” All effective propaganda, Bernays writes, targets and builds upon these irrational “psychological habits.”

Israeli supporters thirst for these lies. They do not want to know the truth. The truth would force them to examine their racism, self-delusion and complicity in oppression, murder and genocide.

Most importantly, the Big Lie sends an ominous message to the Palestinians. The Big Lie states that Israel will wage a campaign of mass terror and genocide and never take responsibility for its crimes. The Big Lie obliterates the truth. It obliterates the dignity of human thought and human action. It obliterates facts. It obliterates history. It obliterates comprehension. It obliterates hope. It reduces all communication to the language of violence. When oppressors speak to the oppressed exclusively through indiscriminate violence, the oppressed answer through indiscriminate violence.

The cartoonist Joe Sacco and I watched Israeli soldiers taunt and shoot small boys in the Khan Younis refugee camp in Gaza. We interviewed the boys and their parents afterwards in the hospital. In a few cases we attended their funerals. We had their names. We had the dates and locations of the shootings.

Israel’s response was to say that we were not in Gaza. We had made it up.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Defense Minister and Israeli Defense Force (IDF) spokesperson immediately blamed the killing of the Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in 2022, on Palestinian gunmen. Israel disseminated footage of a Palestinian fighter they said shot and killed the journalist, who was wearing a flak jacket and helmet marked “PRESS.”

Benny Gantz, who was at the time Defense Minister, stated that “no [Israeli] gunfire was directed at the journalist,” and that the Israeli army had “seen footage of indiscriminate shooting by Palestinian terrorists”.

This lie was peddled until video footage examined by B’Tselem, The Israeli Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, identified the location of the Palestinian gunman depicted in the video. The video, the human rights organization found, was taken in a different location from where Shireen was killed.

When Israel is caught lying, as it was with the murder of Shireen, it promises an investigation. But these investigations are a sham. Impartial investigations into the hundreds of killings by soldiers and Jewish settlers of Palestinians are rarely carried out. Perpetrators are almost never brought to trial or held accountable. The pattern of Israeli obfuscation is predictable. So is the collusion of nearly all of the corporate media along with Republican and Democratic politicians. U.S. politicians decried the murder of Shireen and dutifully repeated the old mantra, calling for a “thorough investigation” by the army that carried out the crime.

A few months later, Israel admitted that there was a “high possibility” that an Israeli soldier killed the journalist by accident, but by then the eruption of street protests and rage over the killing of the journalist was over and her murder largely forgotten.

By the time the conclusive proof comes out about the bombing of the hospital, it too will be a distant memory.

There is dramatic footage captured in September 2000 at the Netzarim junction in the Gaza Strip — where I saw a nineteen-year-old boy shot and killed by an Israeli sniper — by France 2 TV, of a father trying to shield his traumatized 12-year-old son, Muhammad al-Durrah, from Israeli gunfire that ultimately killed him.

The killing of the boy resulted in the typical propaganda campaign by Israel. Israeli officials spent years lying about the killing, first blamingthe Palestinians for the shooting, later suggesting that the scene was faked, and finally insisting the boy was still alive.

When an Israeli soldier, in 2003, murdered the 23-year-old student and American activist Rachel Corrie, by crushing her to death with a bulldozer as she tried to prevent the illegal demolition of a Palestinian doctor’s home, the Israeli army said it was an accident for which Corrie was responsible.

The Israeli military has killed “at least” 20 journalists since 2001, with no accountability, according to a 2023 report by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. “Immediately after a journalist is killed by security forces, Israeli officials often push out a counter narrative to media reporting,” the CPJ concluded. This includes blaming the deaths on “indiscriminate fire” by Palestinians or attempts to discredit those killed as “terrorists.”

Israel blocks the work of independent human rights organizations into atrocities and war crimes it commits in Gaza and the West Bank. It refuses to cooperate with the International Criminal Court into possible war crimes in the Occupied Territories. It does not cooperate with the U.N. Human Rights Council and prohibitsthe U.N. Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, from entering the country. Israel revoked the work permit for Omar Shakir, the Director of Human Rights Watch (Israel and Palestine), in 2018 and expelled him. In May 2018, Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy published a report calling on the European Union and European states to halt their direct and indirect financial support and funding to Palestinian and international human rights organizations that “have ties to terror and promote boycotts against Israel.”

After the bombing of the hospital, Israel first released a video that purported to show Palestinian Islamic Jihad rockets which struck the hospital. The Israelis hastily removed the video when journalists noticed that time stamps showed the images were taken 40 minutes after the strike on the hospital.

Israeli propagandists — aware that Palestinian rockets have little explosive power — then claimed that Hamas stored munitions under the hospital. This caused the massive explosion, they said. But if this was true, it would mean there would be a secondary explosion. There was none. And now Israel has released what they say is a recording of two Hamas militants discussing the missile strike on the hospital. The militants ask each other, in a self-incriminating conversation that is too ridiculous to believe, if Hamas or PIJ carried out the strike. Please. How was Israel completely in the dark about an incursion by thousands of armed Palestinian militants from Gaza into Israel on Oct. 7 and able to capture this incriminating conversation by two supposed militants?

“Israel has a whole unit of ‘mistaravim’, Israeli Jewish undercover agents trained to pose as Palestinians and secretly operate among Palestinians,” the reporter Jonathan Cook writes. “Israel produced a highly popular TV series about such people in Gaza called Fauda. You have to be beyond credulous to think that Israel couldn’t, and wouldn’t, rig up a call like this to fool us, just as it regularly fools Palestinians in Gaza.”

Israel has also long targeted medical facilities, ambulances and medics, as Middle East scholar Norman Finkelstein points out. It bombed a Palestinian children’s hospital during the 1982 war in Lebanon, killing 60 people. It also carried out missile strikes on clearly marked Lebanese ambulances during the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon. It damaged or destroyed 29 ambulances and almost half of Gaza’s health facilities, including 15 hospitals, during the 2008-2009 assault on Gaza known as Operation Cast Lead. It routinely prohibited wounded Palestinians from being picked up by ambulances during this operation, often leaving them to die. During Operation Protective Edge, the 51-day assault on Gaza in 2014, Israel destroyed or damaged 17 hospitals and 56 primary healthcare centers and damaged or destroyed 45 ambulances.

You can see my interview, released today, with Professor Finkelstein about Gaza and Israel here.


Amnesty International, which investigated the Israeli attacks on three of these hospitals in 2014, dismissed the “evidence” for the attacks offered by Israel as false. “The image tweeted by the Israeli military does not match satellite images of the al-Wafa hospital and appears to depict a different location,” the report read.

Expose Israeli lies and you are attacked by Israel and its supporters as an anti-Semite and apologist for terrorists. You are banished from mainstream media. You are denied forums to speak about the issue and, as has happened to me, disinvited from university events.

It is an old game, one I have played as a reporter many, many times. I bear the scars of the lies spewed out by Israel and its lobby. Meanwhile, Israel continues its butchery, endorsed and even lauded by Western political leaders, including Joe Biden, who accompany the torrent of lies from Israel like a Wagnerian chorus.

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who was a foreign correspondent for fifteen years for The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Bureau Chief for the paper. He previously worked overseas for The Dallas Morning News, The Christian Science Monitor, and NPR. He is the host of show The Chris Hedges Report.

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