Wartime propaganda

During times of war, it’s important to be aware of War Propaganda. Let’s look at an example.

Back in 1990, in order to justify attacking Iraq, a fake witness named Nayirah was brought in front of Congress. She told the world that the Iraqi military was “taking Kuwaiti babies out of incubators” and killing them in hospitals. “Human rights” NGOs like Amnesty International backed the story as being real. Congress didn’t question it and charged into war with Iraq.

However, when Iraq was eventually defeated and the story could be legitimately investigated, it was proven as pure fiction. No babies were killed by Iraqi troops in hospitals like some kind of horror movie. The story was simply invented to make Americans more willing to accept a war that the establishment was already planning for.

Cases like this are a reminder to be skeptical of ‘atrocities’ that are reported from abroad, especially when the Military Industrial Complex is trying to gin up support for a war abroad.

We could also look at the infamous case of the non-existent “weapons of mass destruction” that led to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Or we could go back to Germans being accused of mass rapes/executions of Belgians in WWI, which even Britain now admits was “atrocity propaganda”.