Shannon Harris was married to Joshua Harris who wrote “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” who has left his marriage and his faith. She has come out with a book. I read an article with an interview from her and I want to point out a few things.

Before I begin, you can NOT live out biblical womanhood without knowing and loving Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. You can fake it and even for a long time, but you will always feel like a hypocrite and eventually feel like you are missing out. Living for Christ is not easy. It takes a sacrificial life; one in obedience to Jesus Christ and out of a deep love and appreciation for Him and what He’s done for you. Biblical womanhood is not going the way of the world. In fact, it’s going contrary to the world and you can’t keep going without His Spirit working mightily within you.

Shannon Harris tried living a biblical womanhood lifestyle without a deep love for Christ and commitment to Him. How do I know? Listen to what she had to say in the interview.

“Every single part of my life was consumed and directed by the church. I liken myself to Alice in Wonderland; I think I’m just going to peek my head in and see what the church is all about, and then suddenly I tumble headlong into this other world, a place where things seem really amazing, but they also don’t always make sense. I’m told who to be, and who to become. I get married and I have a family, and then it all starts to crumble. The remainder of the book is me trying to make sense of things until I’m finally back home in myself.”

She tried living out biblical womanhood but found out that it wasn’t what she wanted. She did it because she was supposed to do it.

“My church and their brand of churches interpreted the creation story very literally. God created Adam, and then Eve. Women are second. God created Eve from Adam’s rib, so she’s not her own person. She’s been made from a piece of Adam. God gives Eve the job of Adam’s helper. She didn’t have her own purpose. And then, Eve is curious. She listens to the serpent and she trusts herself, and she becomes wise, and that’s seen as bad. She gets punished for her wisdom.”

Yes, God created Eve second. This doesn’t mean women are inferior. Yes, God created Eve from Adam’s rib, but this doesn’t mean she’s not her own person nor a piece of Adam. Yes, God created Eve as Adam’s help meet and yes, this was her purpose. Then she seems to agree with and support Eve:

“…she trusts herself…”

“…she becomes wise and that’s seen as bad”

“She gets punished for her wisdom.”

She’s twisting Scripture to support her own evil agenda in order to justify her rebellion towards God by making Eve look like what she did was good.

“This theology puts a man in a higher place in the hierarchy. And it’s a male operating system. It’s run so men can succeed. So when I walked into my church, I learned my wisdom was faulty. My emotions and feelings are not to be trusted, and they’re not really true. On top of that, you have women being shamed for their bodies or their sexualities, constantly having to cover up to avoid tempting a man. All of these things together can damage a woman’s attunement to her body. What makes it so dangerous is that her alarm systems can be silenced and/or dismissed.”

Yes, man does have a higher place in the hierarchy. Feminists like her HATE this!!! They want to be in control and run the world. They don’t like God’s order and believe they know better. Yes, it’s run so men can succeed and women can flourish in their homes being protected and provided by men! She doesn’t get this part. She plays the victim as all of the false teachers like her do.

Then she believes that women should be ruled by their emotions and feelings rather than by Truth. This is why Eve was deceived and why Shannon is deceived. Women need Truth. Shamed for their bodies and sexuality and need to cover up? Who shames women for their bodies? Yes, they’re exhorted in God’s Word to be modest, discreet, and shamefaced (not draw attention to oneself). God knows that men are visual. She does too, but she wants to dress and act as she pleases with no boundaries on her sexuality or modesty as many women do these day. They mock God rather than obey Him.

Women are created by God. He gave them beautiful roles and responsibilities. Shannon won’t find the happiness and fulfillment she’s looking for in the world. She can’t without knowing and loving the God who created her. Many women are like her. They tried to find happiness and fulfillment by doing everything right but without knowing God and His love for them, so they fall away into error. They’re doing it without His Spirit working mightily within them. Yes, it’s hard! Yes, it’s hard being sexually pure until marriage and then be a godly, submissive wife to your husband with a meek and quiet spirit, but it’s good. All of God’s ways are good. It’s the only path to be on, women.

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.
Jeremiah 6:16

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