Cut off again by Mayor Steinberg

Cut off again by ((((Mayor Steinberg))))

At least 5 GDL activists called in with the N word, to drown out rational criticism.

Good job GDL!!!

Just as much parasites as the Jew bankers. The latter steals our money and enslaves us, and the former gleefully stirs up racial outrage to prevent a United uprising.

Here was my speech, addressing Sacramento putting even more “police oversight” in place.

Got into the third paragraph before the Mayor got tired of his fairytale being stomped and cut me off.

“ Ryan Messano of I just posted an article on my website, since there is way too much information to cover in 2 minutes, titled “The myth of police brutality”. It includes the highly recommended book, “War on Cops” by Heather Macdonald.

You want to protect the First Amendment rights of onlookers of police interactions, but you can’t even defend the First Amendment rights of speakers at City Hall. How hypocritical. If it wasn’t for double standards, leftists wouldn’t have any standards at all.

And why do you keep scrutinizing what races the police come in contact with, but you ignore the racial breakdown of hardened criminals innocent crime victims of murder, rape, and violent crimes come in contact with? That is beyond hypocritical, that is downright evil and wicked.

When you sensationalize minor faults of one race, and minimize major faults of other races, you are an instigating race baiter. That’s what the mayor and this city council engages in. Divide and conquer strategy. Pit races against each other. Since whites are a majority, keep pushing the narrative that whites are oppressors, keep blacks and whites fighting, while you loot and pillage sacramento.

Outrageous and wicked, and the paid employees serving on this agenda, shame on you for participating in a charade and selling your souls. Judas resurrected.

This is probably why you have such a hard time recruiting police officers, because no sane citizen wants to be apart of your Marxist indoctrination. These police officers are being trained to be NKVD shock troops. Once you comply with your insane regulations, you literally can be trained to do anything.

This city has a crime problem, 90% of imprisoned male criminals, regardless of race, have two underlying factors, raised without a married father, and functionally illiterate.

Since, 75% of black boys are functionally illiterate, and 75% of black babies are born out of wedlock, and this was deliberately engineered by the enemies of America, bankers, this is why black men make up 6% of the nations population and are responsible for 50-70% of all murders, rapes, and violent crimes, and you don’t discuss this at all. Why not?”

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Myth of Police brutality

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