Is China Part of the New World Order?

(Left: Money Power banksters Zhao Xiaochuan and Lagarde preparing World Currency)

The US Empire is not the Money Power. China’s rise and 
opposition to the US fits the familiar pattern: the Money Power’s 
proxies working towards managed conflict and World Government.

by Anthony Migchels 

To many it is unclear whether China is incorporated in the New World Order or a real competitor to Anglo-American Imperialism.  

There is little doubt that the Money Power co-opted the leadership of the Land of the Dragon a long time ago.

History shows that the Money Power has several tools to motivate peoples in the right direction. Their fingerprints are all over China.

In his excellent analysis of the power brokers in China, St. John Bartholomew reminds us that Marxism is a Money Power operation and that Mao did their bidding. Mao was apparently educated at Yale’s department in China. Yale’s Skull and Bones were very active in Asia and Mao was probably a member. Most American diplomats sent to him were so too.

According to Bartholomew, the triads, China’s mafia-style secret societies, were built up by Masons to combat the Qing dynasty that ruled China until the 19th century and resisted the Opium the British needed to sell to China because they had nothing else to exchange for its vast riches.

The membership list of the Trilateral Commission, the Rockefeller confab similar to the Atlantic Bilderbergers, is littered with Chinese names.


(left, Zhou-en-lai & Henry whutz-his-name discuss how China will supplant the USA over dim sum) )


Another indicator is China’s money supply. The Chinese Government officially owns the money supply. It is not entirely clear where the interest goes. 
However, the Government is under control of the Money Power, so the added value, which is the essence, goes to them. It serves their purpose. The Government also can (and does) create the boom bust cycle the Money Power wants. The Emperors printed debt-free cash.

The Chinese are moving to back the Yuan by Gold, clearly promoting the Money Power’s nascent Gold Standard. Meanwhile, its Central Bank President, Zhao Xiaochuan, who is a member of the Group of 30, the Rockefeller-sponsored group of leading Central Bankers and academics, is calling for World Currency. As we have seen, opposition against the dollar is not the same thing as opposition against the Money Power.

China is a loyal member of all the international governance organizations.

Furthermore, over the last decades the Money Power has migrated a substantial part of its manufacturing base from Europe and particularly the US to China. Can there be any doubt that they would be very, very sure that that crucial strategic asset would be absolutely safe there?


The build up of China must be seen in light of the decades-old program of the de-industrialization of the West, particularly America. What has been given to China, was taken from elsewhere.

Also, this build up is actually a typical M.O.: think of how US technology and money built up the USSR to create a credible ‘threat’ in the Cold War. Saddam Hussein is another example: he was made strong to be taken down later as part of the strategy to conquer the Middle East. Or Iran, which is bolstered by often Western/Israeli technology that is transferred via China.

China’s rise comes with many dangers. Chinese nationalism is primitive and easily inflamed. Beijing is under incredible pressure internally and happily uses external ‘foes’ to export these pressures. The latest rows with Japan over some trivial islands are a case in point.

Just like the Money Power conducted the European Orchestra during the 19th century, it now directs a Multi-Polar World. 

We know how it all ended in Europe: tightly knit alliances facing each other with ever more paranoia, unable to extricate themselves from the trap. One assassination was enough to light the fuse.

The same can be seen today, with NATO facing the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of Russia and China, with Pakistan and Iran as close associates.


China is being built up in a very typical fashion. All the pointers that we have come to recognize are there: usurious control of the money supply, Capitalism, Marxism, ‘secret’ societies, China towing the internationalist line.

The US Empire is not the Money Power. China’s rise and opposition to the US fits the familiar pattern: the Money Power’s proxies working towards managed conflict and World Government.

Anthony Migchels is an Interest-Free Currency activist and founder of the Gelre, the first Regional Currency in the Netherlands. You can read all of his articles on his blog Real Currencies


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