Sacramento Mayor ((((Steinberg)))) denounced to his face. Turns his back to me. Ignorant audience keeps interrupting, defends Jew communists who are behind all chaos.

Just called out Sacramento Jewish mayor Steinberg at the Sacramento City Council. There is a Jewish council member too. She turned her back and left.

Mayor interrupted me, then brainwashed members of the audience, black, unfortunately, interrupted me. The mayor then tried to act like a good guy for giving me my time back.

Will show video.

Update: About 30 members of the homeless community showed up to protest police sweeps, which is understandable, unfortunately, they are too busy to find out about the JQ, so they think you’re a “Nazi”. One vocal young black woman was shrieking about “Muh Nazis”.  

The Mayor turned his back when I got up to speak, faced the wall. I did look him directly in the eye and told him Jews were responsible for all the chaos from Covid, and this is why they’ve been kicked out of 109 countries.  

One young lady, was in tears talking about all the discrimination blacks are facing with homelessness, unaware that of the 10 Sacramento City Council members and the Mayor, not one was a straight White male, and she held up a book about discrimination against blacks written by….wait for it… ((((Rothstein)))).  

. You can’t make this stuff up!

Waiting for video, will post. Anyone in sacramento area is welcome to attend next meeting with me.

Update: finally found video.

My first comment is at the 50:32 mark.

Easy to access if you scroll down to public comment to consent calendar from Ryan.

Second comment is at the 1 hour: 49 minute 29 second mark.

This is on link “Public matters not on agenda from Ryan”

Just 15 minutes after my remark, the homeless advocates, who were way out of order, and thought they could tell everyone what to say, kept interrupting the mayor as he was bootlicking them, and he adjourned the meeting.

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