Jeff Perrine causes liberals to go crazy, just by telling the truth at a school board meeting.

A recent Project Veritas video exposed a “pastor” who is grooming children to except transgender ism and homosexuality. This sick deviant is actually reporting parents who oppose their children getting into homosexuality and transgenderism to CPS! Read that again, it’s quite shocking.

Here is the video for you to watch for yourself.

Now, Project Veritas, is one of the pseudo-conservative media outlets, that is funded by the heirs of Jew Julius Rosenwald, the original owner of Sears Roebucks. Other fake conservative media owned and funded by Jews, are Daily Wire, The Gateway Pundit, FrontPageMag, Drudge Report, New York Post, Breitbart, Fox News, and there are many more.

Jeff Perrine is no stranger to this, he has been consistently speaking out in public against Jewish tyranny for well over a year. When there are men needed to stand up and speak against evil, Jeff has shown himself willing and able to do this.

One of his videos addressing the school board in Lincoln California’s cowardice in confronting this mask hoax, got millions of views.

When Jeff heard about this fake pastor trying to groom kids, he wasted no time, he went right to the fake pastors house with a bullhorn, and started calling him out for being a pedo in a groomer.

What I admire about Jeff, is when he comes across massive adversity, and the liberals yelling and screaming at him, he keeps right on doing what is right, he is not deterred at all.

So, Jeff did not stop there. He got up at the next school board meeting, and blasted this fake pastor for the entire city to hear. And, do you know, there actually were a sizable contingent of this fake pastors supporters that showed up. I can’t imagine a human being who has the audacity to defend a man who is trying to train children in deviant sexual practices.

And when Jeff got up, and started telling the truth, members of the audience got really uncomfortable at hearing the truth be told, he kept interrupting him. And I am shocked to see a school border city council actually doing their job, and throwing out disruptive members who insist on interrupting speakers.

I’ve been interrupted dozens of times, and not one person who interrupted me ever got thrown out of the meeting.

Now, what should’ve happened, is the school board should’ve continue to throw out disruptive speakers, and allow Jeff to finish out his speech. But this school board made a mistake, they called the meeting.

Whatever a meeting is interrupted like this, did you media, whether they like to or not, and they really do not like to, or forced to do an aricle on it. And when they do, they throw in their usual nonsense. So in this ABC News article, you will read about how someone threw up a white power salute. Which, likely never happened. Because did you meet your needs to make sure American state divided, and nonwhites, never get behind this agenda.

So whenever a white person gets up in public and opposes abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, drugs, feminism, or any of the other Jew backed-movements, Jews are notorious for using their media to slander that person as an anti-semite, a racist, a white supremacist, or any of their other deceitful slurs

Jeff has agreed to join our zoom meetings on Monday evening at 1800 Pacific daylight time, the link is included, and the password is 230023.

The goal is to set up a new government that opposes all of these evil agendas that Republicans and Democrats are both complicit in.

Organizing in all Fifty States of America, and in every country on earth. Goal is to be in all states by May 31st. Zoom meeting, Monday at 1800 PDT, I hour. Goal, New Government.

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