How the jewish bolshevik revolution came about through, problem, reaction, and solution.

The oppression of the factory workers was used through propaganda by jewish communists to garner support for their revolutionary movement. It was used to demonize the Tsarist government as they were blamed for the oppressions of the workers and to side with them against the Tsar as they would improve the working conditions of the factory worker. We know this was just propaganda and lies as when the jewish Bolsheviks took over Russia, the workers became even more oppressed and enslaved even further and treated like cattle even further. 

The factory conditions were terrible and workers there had little to no rights and would barely get compensated due to injury which happened frequently.

The tsarist government had regulations to ensure that workers would at least get a minimum wage and have limited work hours, however, most industries were the private property of industrialists and they were allowed to get away with mistreating their workers.

We know that ”Factory workers played an important role in destroying the old government (who they thought was behind their oppression through jewish propaganda) and in defending the new Soviet regime as it proceeded to socialize production.”

Who were these industrialists that were behind this oppression? 

Jews played a prominent role in the industry business in Russia from the very start using the wealth they stole from Gentiles.

One such jew was Israel Brodsky, he became very big within the sugar industry and owned many sugar refineries. He controlled a whole quarter of ALL sugar production in Russia.

Izrael Pznanski who was among the three ”kings of cotton” in Lodz.

The jewish Luria family were very prominent merchants, who established nail, plywood, and match factories. The jews ran the entire industry of Pinsk, of the 54 industrial enterprises in Pinsk in 1914, 49 of them were owned by jews.

In Kiev, 1910, of 518 sugar refineries, 182 were owned by jews. In the 20th century, around 30,000 factories were owned by jews. They were also heavily involved in the Russian oil industry, 16% of the state’s oil industry’s manufacturing plants were in the hands of jews. 

In Czechoslovakia, jews were active in oil refining and general branches of trade and industry, particularly textiles. 

They built budding sugar refineries in Warsaw.  

By 1867, 17 % of all industrial workers in Poland were employed in a jewish owned factory. 

It’s important to point out that ‘Jewish owners generally avoided hiring jewish workers’, Most of the oppression of the workers was against Gentiles who were treated as slaves by jews.

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